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KiwaniScope (Club NewsLetter)

August 2003

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News Items:
KiwaniscopeVolume 4, Number 11                  
District Kiwanis's Award-Winning Bulletin                            August, 2003

Kiwanis Sponsors Athens County Jr. Golf TournamentKiwanis

Kiwanian Jon Reed conducted a clinic for Caroline Hurd and Andrew Dewald The Athens Kiwanis Club sponsored an Athens County Jr. Golf Tournament on July 21, 2003 at the Athens Country Club beginning at 8:00 a.m. with a shotgun start.  The 26 young golfers were divided into three age groups; 12 and under, 13-14 and 15-18, the two older age groups, played 18 holes and the 12 and under played 9 holes.

There were some thrilling moments as the Champion in the 15-18 age group, Noah Barrett, put his second shot on the green on the par 5 number 6 hole. He barely missed his eagle putt, but he moved the marker to the middle of the green to mark the “furthest after two shots” on this hole. Surely no one could beat this shot for the prize of three Titleist golf balls.  However, when the 12 and under group came to this hole,  A. J. Cadamagnani put his second shot inside Noah’s mark to win the “furthest after two” contest. This was quite a feat for an 11-year old even though he was teeing off from the red tees. 

Both Noah Barrett and A. J. Cadamagnani won their age groups. Noah recently graduated from Trimble High School where he placed seventh in the High School State Tournament.  Noah’s brother, Tyler Barrett, won his age group’s championship.  The rest of the results are listed on page 7. A tie for second place in the 12 years old and under age group and a four hole playoff resulted in Curtis Goldsberry beating Mitchell Crabtree for second place.  There was also a tie for second in the 15-18  age group. Second place was decided by a chip off on number 9 hole.  Scott Brown won the closest chip to the pin.

Everyone enjoyed the pizza party after the tournament.  Contests were held on each hole with Titleist golf balls given to the winners of longest putts, longest drives, closest to the pins on par threes, closest to the targets, furthest after two shots, etc.  Trophies were given for first, second and third places in the three age groups.

The Athens Kiwanis Club and the Serendipitous Seniors are interested in getting more young people to start playing golf.  Some of our Seniors have donated golf clubs to give to young golfers who do not have access to golf clubs.  A golf clinic was held at 9:00 a.m. on the practice greens at the Athens Country Club.  Kiwanian Jon Reed conducted the clinic and Caroline Hurd and Andrew Dewald each won a golf bag, a set of golf clubs, tees and golf balls.

August Programs

August 4, 2003: Annual Club Assessment

August 11, 2003: Mike Hunter, retired highway patrolman, will tell about his
trip to Nicaragua.

August 18, 2003: Tour the new Department of Natural Resources building on
East State Street.

August 25, 2003:  To be announced

    Everyone should make a special effort to keep our attendence above 24. In order to be served a buffet dinner, the O.U. Inn requires that we pay for 24 dinners regardless of how many we eat.  Our administration funds are depleted when we have to make up the difference between the number present and 24.  When you don’t come to our Kiwanis meetings, you are costing us
money.  We need you!

July Programs

July 7, 2003: Dave Sagen, Naturalist from Hocking College, brought his pet snake and explained what is like to live with a rare Indian Python Albino snake that is 11’ long and weighs 75 pounds with the potential to become 20’ long and weigh 200 poinds.   July 14, 2003: Bob Garbo described the Youthbuild Program which is sponsored by Community Action.

July 21, 2003: Pam Learman from the Ohio Consumers Council described how to get on the telemarkerters’ “Do not call list.”  You may call toll free, “1-877-PICKOCC,” or register on line at, www.donotcall.gov.

July 28, 2003: Sally Lozada and Paul Harper from Hocking College described the JASON Project which is a high tech science prigram for 5-8 grades.

August 4-9, 2003: We need a lot of help to work at the Athens County Fair Kiwanis Concession.  Call Augie Zorn at 592-2356, if you can help anytime. Pat Funk making friends with Sagan’s pet snake


The long awaited publication of the The History of the Kiwanis Club of Athens is ready for distribution.   I want to thank the daughters of H. John Huffman for providing me with all the Kiwanis papers that John had saved during his lifetime.  Also, I want to thank Wanda and Joe Bush for the use of their papers and photographs.  Thanks to Earl Funk for the use of his
Kiwanis papers and to all the people who helped identify some of our earlier members  and officers.  I would also like to thank my co-editor of the Kiwaniscope, John Biddle, who provided most of the digital pictures in the last three years' issues of the Kiwaniscopes that have been scanned and included in this Kiwanis Story.

It has taken a long time to complete this project, but I hope everyone who reads the book will realize what a large impact the Kiwanis Club of Athens has had on the Athens Community.  All Kiwanis members can be proud that they belong to such a worthwhile civic club.

There are 264 pages of stories describing Kiwanis activities, newspaper clippings, and pictures of past and present Kiwanians at work.  It is bound in a soft cover with a color design.  Any profit made after expenses have been paid will be deposited in the Administrative Account.

Results 2003 Kiwanis Fourth of July Field Day
Compiled by Dave Koonst at Hocking Valley Community Residential Center

Winning Teams of Each Event:
        The Unit        17 pts.
        The Demons        16 pts.
        The Soldiers        14 pts.
    Golf Putting:
        The Tigers        30 pts.
        The Nuggets        27 pts.
        The Unit        20 pts.
    Golf Chipping:
        The Nuggets        13 pts.
        The Soldiers        12 pts.
        The Demons        12 pts.
    Baseball Throwing for Accuracy:
        The Soldiers          8 pts.
        The Nuggets          6 pts.
        The Tigers          5 pts.
    Soccer Kicking for Accuracy:
        The Soldiers         34 pts.
        The Tigers        34 pts.
        The Unit        24 pts.

Overall Winning Teams (Each member received a trophy):
    Grand Champion (87 pts.)
        The Soldiers:
            Robbie Hatfield
            Mike Jones
            Derek Bird
            Joe Cupp
    Runner-Up (82 pts.)
        The Tigers:
            Paul Webber
            David Webb
            Joe Lawson
            Shawl McKee
    Third Place (75 pts.)
        The Nuggets:
            Kevin Bertran
            Josh Althouse
            Jamie Snider
            Damon Newton
                Individual Winners of Each Event:*
        Tom Mays        8 pts.
        Damon Newton    8 pts.
        Paul Webber        6 pts.
        Derek Bird        6 pts
        Keith Buck        6 pts.
    Golf Putting:
        Josh Althouse        9 pts.
        Damon Newton    9 pts.
        David Webb        9 pts.
        Paul Webber        9 pts.
    Golf Chipping:
        Scotty Jones        6 pts.
        Mike Jones        6 pts.
        Josh Althouse        5 pts.
    Baseball Throwing for Accuracy:
        Josh Althouse        5 pts.
        Shawl McKee        4 pts.
        Joe Cupp        4 pts.
        Anthony Brown    4 pts.
    Soccer Kicking for Accuracy:
        Shawl McKee        12 pts.
        Paul Webber        10 pts.
        Scotty Jones        10 pts.
        Ricky Jackson        10 pts.
* Each person received a first, second or third place ribbon for each event..

Overall Individual Scores:
Josh Althouse          27
Paul Webber          26
Damon Newton    24
Shawl McKee        24
Anthony Brown    24
Joe Cupp        23
Tom Mays        22
Derek Bird        22
Dave Webb        22
Ricky Jackson        21
Scotty Jones        20
Robbie Hatfield    19
Mike Jones        18
Mike Short        15
Kevin Bertran        15
Brandon Unroe    15
Eli Rudder        12
Keith Buck        11
Derek Malone        10
Joe Lawson        10
Jamie Snyder          9
Martin Gibbs          8

What is the Hocking Valley Community Residential Center?

The Hocking Valley Community Residential Center, located in Nelsonville, is a dream come true for troubled youth in Southeast Ohio.  The goal of the Center is to reduce commitments of adjudicated juvenile felons to the Department of Youth Services.

    Their mission is to provide a safe environment where youth will receive positive rehabilitation that allows them to become productive citizens upon return to the community.  The program is family centered with services provided not only at the Center but also in the home community.  Their services include: parenting classes, individual and group counseling, drug and alcohol education, individualized educational, programming, vocational training, victim awareness, self-esteem, anger management, independent living skills, community service, recreation, and wildlife care education. All treatment planning is implemented through each youth’s community-based, Child/Family Team.

    The limited options in Southeast Ohio for low risk felon offenders and the need to lower the population in Department of Youth Service institutions resulted in the passage of House Bill 812.  This bill provided construction and operating funds for the Hocking Valley community Residential center and five other multi-county Community Residential Centers throughout Ohio.  The
participating juvenile courts now have a community based Residential Center that will greatly enhance options and avoid permanent commitments to state institutions.

    The juvenile Court Judges in the 13-county region serve as the Board Members for the Center.  The Honorable Robert W, Stewart is the Athens County Juvenile Court judge who serves on the Board. The 13 Judges take a special interest in the progress of the young men and  they meet at the Nelsonville facility once a month.

    Volunteers play an important role at the Hocking Valley Community Residential Center.  They are actually seen as part of the kids “support group.”  The only vested interest volunteers bring is that they care.  That simple message can never be emphasized enough with troubled children.  A
real sense of hope and direction can result when enough people get excited about their commitment to particular youth.  Kids have never needed people to whom they can truly “look up to” more.

    Volunteers can get involved in any number of ways.  From tutoring to mentoring to sponsoring a group activity, a person’s involvement will vary. There is so much to be done and never enough players.  (Ray Skinner donned his Civil War uniform and marched into HVCRC with Sgt. Edwin Glazier’s diaries, letters and accouterments.  The kids were very responsive and had a great time trying to figure out how old Sgt. Glazier really was.) Some of the young men from H.V. R. T. C. who helped flip pancakes at the Kiwanis Pancake Day.

2003 Athens County Kiwanis Jr. Golf Tournament

15-18 Years Old
First place:    Noah Barrett (18) Trimble        78
Second place:    Scott Brown (17) Trimble        88
Third place:    Matthew Dixon (16) Trimble        88
Fourth place:    Derek Bobo (17) Alexander        90
OTHERS:Matt Crabtree, Jonathon Thompson, Michael Bolin, Tyler McDaniel,
Mathew Denhart, Dana Vales, Tom Chiki, Kevin Methews, Kyle Methews

13-14 Years Old
First place:    Tyler Barrett (14) Trimble        84
Second place:    Shay Brooks (13) Athens        91
Third place:    Brandon Williams (14)              102
Fourth place:    Kris Weisenbach Athens (14)              112
OTHERS: Anthony Torries, Michael Crabtree, Joe Baum, Kyle Krumel

12 Years Old and Under*
First place:    A. J. Cadamagnani (11) Athens    44
Second place:    Curtis Goldsberry (11) Athens    55
Third place:    Mitchell Crabtree (12) Athens    55
Fourth place:    Evan Jolley (12) Alexander        56
OTHERS: Jordon Sweeney, Frank Valentour

Contests Winners

1. Closest to Center of Fairway: TYLER BARRETT

2. Longest Drive in Fairway: SCOTT BROWN

3. Longest Putt: TOM CHIKI

4. Closest to Target: BRANDON WILLIAMS

5. Closest to Pin on Green: ANTHONY TORRIES

6. Farthest after Two  Shots: A. J. CATAMAGNIN

7. Closest to Target in Fairway: MIKE BOLIN

8. Longest Putt: MATT DIXON

9. On the Green from Farthest Out: SCOTT BROWN

Beginners: Winners of Bags, Golf Clubs, Tees and Golf Balls Caroline Hurd and Andrew Dewald

Newsletter Editors:
Ray Skinner
John Biddle

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