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KiwaniScope (Club NewsLetter)

July 2003

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News Items:
Kiwaniscope Volume 4, Number 10
 District Kiwanis's Award-Winning Bulletin
July, 2003

Congratulations to the Kiwanis Little League Baseball Team 2003.

Athens County Little League Kiwanis Baseball Team

   The 2002 Kiwanis team won the National League title and then went on to win the Athens County World Series Tournament.  They beat the American League title winner and posted a final
team record of 16 wins and 2 losses.

The 2003 Kiwanis team have had a hard time getting their games in because of rain.  Rick took the Kiwanis team to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game which was rain delayed causing them to get home after midnight.  The boys had a wonderful experience getting on the in-house television screen and getting autographs from some of the baseball stars.

The 2003 Kiwanis Little League baseball team coming off of a 16-2 record in 2002 found themselves rebuilding.  The team lost 5 players because of age and their only pitcher to return they lost because of a broken wrist.. The team drafted 6 new ball players and worked to develop a new team.  The team played well together, but the inexperience in pitching and some fielding positions got the most of the team. 

 They ended the season with a final record of 5-8-1.  The tie was due to a rain out that was never able to get finished.  The team will lose 3 players this next season because of age and hopefully the rest will return.  Next season should be a stronger season for the team with a lot of experience coming back.  If you would like more information, access the website for the ballteam at http://www.eteamz.com/athenskiwanis

Rick will manage the Athens County Little League All Stars in district competition at Cambridge.  He hopes to advance to the state with this year’s All Stars.

June Programs

June 2, 2003: Tina Jeffers described her work as Athens County Registrar. Her office received the “Best in the State” award last year.  In a typicalday, her office can make over 523 transactions and collect over $54,000. She warned us of an increase in drivers’ and auto licences.  You may renew licences 90 days in advance.

June 9, 2003: Rollie Swart described the work of the Athens Foundation.  It was founded in 1980 by eight ambitious Athens women who were told Athens wasn’t large enough to support a Foundation.  Now, 23 years later, the Foundation is worth between 1.5 and 2 million dollars.  Since its inception the Foundation has made 270 grants and distributed over $350,000.  We
celebrated our 82nd Anniversary with a large Birthday Cake.

June 16, 2003: Hector Flores described his role in providing treatment when recommended by the court for people with alcohol addiction.

June 23, 2003: Luther Haseley introduced our speaker, Lucky Odirile, who had been one of his  students while Luther was teaching in Botswana.  Lucky came to Ohio University and earned her PhD in Guidance and Counseling.  She described the epidemic of HIV and AIDs in Botsawana and how she has devoted her life to teaching prevention of HIV and AIDs and counseling those her are already infected.  Our club has donated $500 toward the support of orphans filled with children of AIDs victims.

June 30, 2003: Gerald and Mary Powell spoke about an official Ohio Bicentennial event taking place in Vinton and Meigs Counties on September 3-7, 2003.  Nearly 200 reenactors on horseback will trace one of the routes some of the 2,460 Morgan’s Raiders took in early July, 1863.  The reenactors will perform live cavalry charges and pitched battle reenactments.  The
Powels invited everyone to come to Chester on September 5th for an authentic Civil War Ball.  (Earl and Pat Funk will be there.)  A large display of Civil War artifacts will be on display at the Chester Courthouse from September 3-19.  (See page 3 for the route of the reenactors and the Ohio bicentennial events taking place in Vinton and Meigs Counties from September 3-7, 2003.)

July Programs

July 7, 2003: Dave Sagen, Naturalist at Hocking College, will bring some critters with him. (Board meeting following the program)

July 14, 2003: Bob Garo, Community Action, will describe a new program called “Youthbuild.”

July 21, 2003: Pam Learman, Ohio Consumers’ Council, will tell us about “Phone Slaming.”

July 28, 2003: Paul Harper, Hocking College, will describe the JASON project which provides teachers with project based curricula.

Service Projects for June

June 21, 2003 -- Relay for Life for Cancer Survivors:  Augie Zorn reported on our contribution of $140 to the Relay for Life event held at the West State Street recreation shelter house.  Augie was assisted by Candy Byron, Tom Taggart, Ray Skinner and Penne Smith as they served Kiwanis pancakes and sausages to the participants in the Relay for Life.  Our own, Peg McDargh,
was one of the survivors.  There were 41 survivors in attendance. June 23-27, 2003 -- Our Kiwanis Club provided a scholarship, so that someone could benefit from attending Camp Invention.  Camp Invention is a program that encourages teamwork, creative problem solving and inventive thinking skills.  The Athens camp was held at East Elementary School and consisted of
several Discover Programs.  The young inventors worked on “I Can Invent,” Amazing Games,” Maze World,” “Flinging, Flying Festival,” and “I Spy Something Fly.” We provided a Pizza Party for all the participants at the end of the Program and received a nice “Thank You” note from all of the wonderful young people.

June 12, 2003: Rick Crossen took 210 DARE kids and their parents to the Cincinnati vs Toronto Baseball game on  Although there was a two hour rain delay, everyone loved the experience.

Earl Funk, Rick Mayer, Augie Zorn, Paul Schmitauer and Rick Crossen attended the recent DARE graduation.

Like Father, Like Son
Matthew Ward, son of Michael and Barbara Ward, has graduated from the University of Missouri Law School with a juris doctorate degree.  He is a 1997 graduate of Ohio University who is now living in Columbia, Mo. with his wife, Jessica.

It seems like only yesterday that the Easter Bunny was holding Matthew’s hand at the Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt.  Congratulations to Mike, Barbara and Matthew.

2003 Kiwanis International Convention Report
By Paul Schmittauer
Dave Redecker and I attended the Kiwanis International Convention held at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 20  24, 2003 as delegates for our club. About half of Division Nine clubs sent delegates this year. All but three divisions of the Ohio District were represented. We attended several forums and the Ohio District caucus. 4519 delegates representing 2560 clubs attended the delegate sessions.

We elected Bob Moore from Venice, Florida as incoming president. Case Van Kleef of Plover, Wisconsin advances to International President-elect. There were five candidates for the office of International Vice-President/Treasurer.  This is the office which automatically ascends to president in two years.  All were well qualified, with many years of experience, and represented a good cross-section of membership..

Steve Siemens of the Des Moines Iowa club was selected in the first ballot. Steve is a professional speaker, and it showed in his presentation. I believe he will serve well as president, as major organizations need an eloquent speaker to represent them.

We then proceeded to the amendments, beginning with the dues increase. I should say that in my opinion, Robert’s rules of order were not exactly followed during the course of events.

There are six microphones placed at intervals on the floor for delegates to use. They are split into
two groups of three, for proponents and opponents of proposed legislation. The president is supposed to hear the motion, obtain a second, and then open the floor for discussion.  The speakers are to be rotated in such a way that we hear proponents and opponents in alternating order. The president calls upon microphones manned by a Sergeant-at-Arms, who reports that the microphone either has a speaker or is clear.

 Once discussion is completed, a vote is to be called for.  The motion to adopt the due's increase amendment was moved and seconded, and then discussion opened. There were a few people
speaking in favor, saying that it amounts to four cents a day. Please remember that it is only International dues we are talking about; not district dues, division dues, club dues and the Kiwanis Magazine. We pay all of these in our dues payment. The big expense by Kiwanis membership is
meals, which for our club, amounts to $450.00 a year.

Someone mentioned in a point of information that our dues pay for all past International presidents and their partners’ to attend every convention for the rest of their lives. Since an average fifteen past presidents come to convention every year, this amounts to a sizable sum. President Ito made no effort to deny this.

Another person submitted an amendment for a reduced increase, to thirty-five dollars , and this was defeated by a voice vote. After lengthy discussion a vote was called for. President Ito called for a voice vote, which many people felt was not a clear majority, and declared the measure passed.

This brought many protests, including someone who noted that as soon as the vote was called for, the floor microphones were shut off. Several stations waved their paddles indicating they wished to speak, but they were ignored. Shouts were heard on the floor. Remember, this is a hall of six thousand, and we were nine rows back from the isle.

Once the microphones were brought back on, people began clamoring for points of order, asking the measure to be re-considered. President Ito at first refused, saying it is a fait accompli, or Œfeat accomplished.’ Someone moved to reconsider the question again, and again President Ito
put it to a voice vote, and declared the motion defeated. Again, many felt that there was not a clear majority. President Ito then asked for a vote by standing, which brought protests from people noting that there are members in wheelchairs, who cannot stand.

Someone then asked for a division of the house’, which President Ito declared was out of order.   There was considerable discussion, and emotions ran high. Several delegates were so incensed that they walked out of the house. Counters returned the results of the ballot for Vice President/Treasurer, and the session adjourned.

During the next day’s session someone mentioned that people in the non-delegate area participated in the voice vote, to which President Ito had no response. They also said they had re-read Robert's Rules of Order, and that ... President Ito cut them off saying they were out of order. The House of Delegates was restless,  but continued on.

It is now apparent that someone should have asked for a paper ballot BEFORE the vote
was called. I believe what would have been required after the voice vote was to request a paper ballot on the issue of reconsidering the amendment, and then request a paper ballot on the amendment. I suspect many, including myself, just foolishly assumed that a paper ballot was going to be taken on this important issue.

Many delegates speculated that President Ito may have a personal interest in seeing the measure passed, and that may have affected his decisions. Most everyone I spoke with felt a paper ballot was in order. No one I spoke with knew beforehand that a paper ballot needed to be requested
before a voice vote is taken. I have since purchased a copy of "Robert’s Rules of Order" and this is indeed the case.

Amendment #2 was passed by voice vote with some discussion, and was amended before passage. It concerns adjusting the dues in relation to per capita income in poorer countries.

Amendment #3 failed, which would have adjusted the number of delegates to district conventions.  Personally, I hope to re-visit this so-called Amendment #1 again next year, in St. Louis.
It’s not over yet.

Plan to Play in the Athens County Jr. Golf Tournament at the Athens Country Club
on Monday, July 21, 2003 beginning at 8:00 a.m. (shot gun start)
Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners in Three Age Groups
Golf Balls for Contests on All Holes
Lunch will be served after play is completed.

Entry Forms are available at several locations:
Athens Country Club
Ohio University Driving Range -- W. State St.
Athens Community Center
O.U. Golf Course
American Express, 92 N. Court St.
All Edward Jones Investments Offices
526 Richmond Ave.
282 E. State St.
11 E. Washington St.
Movies 10

Green Fees and Lunch: $20
Deadline for returning Entry Forms is July 14, 2003


If you would like to consider playing golf, but you don’t have the clubs or the knowledge of how to play the most popular life time sport in the world. Win your own golf clubs at the:

Free Clinic and Golf Contests for Jr. Golfers

on July 12, 2003 at the Ohio University Driving Range 6:00 p.m.    Demonstration of the golf swing Hit some golf balls Driving Contest (Most balls hit over 100 yards)

6:30 p.m.    Demonstration of Chipping Chip some golf balls Chipping Contest (Most balls out of ten in a five-foot circle)

7:00 p.m.    Demonstration of Putting Practice putting Putting Contest (Most putts made out of ten from ten feet)

7:30 p.m.    Awards Ceremony Jr. Golfers with the most points on the three contests will win golf
clubs and bags.

Welcome Jon Reed
Our newest member, Jon Reed, has added a new dimension to the Athens Kiwanis Club -- he can play golf!  Being a past club champion at the Athens Country Club and an enviable record as an amateur golfer in the area, he will head up our Jr. Golf Program. Jon has made arrangements at the Athens Country Club to hold the 2003 Athens County Jr. Golf Tournament on July 21, 2003.  We will also have a clinic with golf contests on July 7, 2003 at the O.U. Driving Range to encourage young people to take up golf. Free clubs will be provided. Jon graduated from Athens High School in 1990 and received a B.S. in Business Economics from O.U. in 1994.  Presently he is working on his MBA. Jon is an Investment Representative with Edward Jones with an office on East State Street.  His wife, Dannielle is expecting their first child in August.. They own 11 shelties and two beagles. Welcome to our club

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