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KiwaniScope (Club NewsLetter)

February 2003

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News Items:
Kiwaniscope Volume 5, Number 2 
Ohio District Kiwanis' Award-Winning Bulletin
February, 2003

(This article was taken from the Feb. 6, 2003 issue of The Athens News.)

    Past President of the Athens Kiwanis Club, Past Athens Chief of Police and Past Chief of the Ohio University Police Department, Ted Jones has come out of retirement to take over Nelsonville.  In October 2002, Ted started as the interim police chief of Nelsonville when the former chief resigned under pressure due to alleged sexual harassment charges.

    Ted worked hard to improve the image of the Police Department and was rewarded by being offered the job of interim City Manager in December, 2002.

Ted turned down the offer at first, but reconsidered when the Nelsonville City Council wanted Ted to serve as interim Police Chief and City Manager.

    For someone who is retired, Ted works an awful lot.  His day at the office starts before 8:00 a.m. and usually ends around 6:00 p.m. and sometimes 9:00 p.m.  It’s a challenge holding down both jobs and trying to do them effectively, but that’s exactly what he wants.

January Programs:

January 6, 2003:  Jill Thompson, Athens County Auditor, explained the  financial condition of Athens County.  Her enthusiasm made everyone feel  that we are in good hands in our County auditor’s office.

January 13, 2003: Tim O'Shea, Ohio University basketball coach, discussed  the problems the Bobcats have had this year, but was optimistic about the  recruits for next year.

January 20, 2003: Fred Baughman, Development Officer for the Athens Chamber  of Commerce, has been doing economic development since 1977.  He told about  his experiences in Indiana working in economic development.

January 27, 2003: Michael McCullough has been Post Master of the Athens Post  Office since September, 2002, but he has 31 years experience at all levels  in the Athens Post Office.  He explained that mail is presorted in  Zanesville so that the carrier does not have to look at your mail until he gets to your house.

Kiwanis Pancake Day Proposed Work Assignments

A. Tickets: (Dave Wickham)
    1. Adult price of $4.00 for adults when purchased in advance or with  child at the door.
    2. Adult price of $4.50 for adults at the door.
    3. Senior price of $3.50 anytime.
    4. Free for all children 12 years old and under when accompanied by an adult.
    5. Use back of tickets to sell ads to pay for the printing.

B. Ticket Sales: (Everyone)
    1. Have contests for our Club, Circle K and Key Club. Members are divided into teams and    the losing captain and the winning captain do something silly at a regular meeting.
    2. Tickets and peanuts sold by Circle K and Key Club members will earn money for their clubs.
    3. Encourage businesses and individuals to buy tickets for needy families.

C. Publicity:       

  1. Place Banner on Court Street before Pancake Day and at Center on day of the event.
    2. Print Posters and Flyers to be posted all over town and in the schools.
    3. Feature "FREE PANCAKES FOR ALL CHILDREN" when accompanied by an adult.
    4. Get articles in The Messenger and The Athens News early and often.
    5. Put announcements on The Messenger television channel.
    6. Submit public service announcement to WATH and WOUB.
    7. Sell ads to be printed on place mats.

    D. Getting Set Up for Pancake Day: (Tom Taggart and Paul Schmittauer)

    1. Rent tent and erect it near Community Center.
    2. Check out grills and set them up in tent.
    3. Use a grill to cook seconds in the kitchen.

    E. Workers:

 (Linda Fife: Key Club; Bob Roth: Nelsonville Kids; Ray Skinner: Circle K)
    1. Schedule Key Club and Circle K workers after school and in evening.
    2. Schedule Nelsonville kids during the day.
    3. Assign people to collect money at the door.
    4. Everyone wear Kiwanis aprons, hats and rubber gloves.

    F. Ingredients: (Dave Redecker)

    1. Get pancake mix from Kurt Sauber.
    2. Get sausage, butter, milk, orange, etc. from Tony George.
    3. Get sugarless syrup, regular syrup, sugar, sweetener, etc. from WalMart .

    G. Express Service:
    1. Give people a tent card and a slip of paper with a number on it when they pay for their tickets.
    2. They give the slip of paper to the Dining Room Supervisor with the number in their party written on it.
    3. Each group is seated and the tent card is placed on the table.
    4. The supervisor gives the slip of paper to a server who picks up the number of plates in the kitchen and takes them to the table where the tent card is visible.
    5. The server takes the tent cards back to the ticket selling table.


    Planning for Pancake Day on March 11, 2003

    One of our biggest fund-raisers for the year is the Annual Kiwanis Pancake Day.  The following suggestions are planned for this year's Pancake Day:

    1. The price for adult tickets is $4.00 for advance sales and $4.50 at the door. Senior tickets are $3.50 anytime.
    2. All children 12 years old and younger will be admitted FREE.  After all, the whole idea of Kiwanis is "Serving the Children of the World."  Why not start at home?
    3. We will require at least one adult to accompany the children in a family in order to get the FREE DINNER OR DINNERS.
    4. We will distribute flyers and posters in all the Athens County Elementary Schools announcing the Kiwanis Pancake Day and including coupons for the FREE DINNERS.  (Flyers and posters will be made available for businesses who are supporting the Athens Kiwanis Pancake Day.)
    5. Coupons may be passed out at the entrance for anyone who forgot the coupons or did not get one.
    6. We will work with Matt Seymour on his proposal for an Athens Tri-K Committee to work as a unit to have the four Kiwanis Clubs carry out a project each quarter.  We propose the Kiwanis Pancake Day as the Winter Quarter project.
    7. We will have a Ticket Selling Campaign in each Club.  Each Club may design its own campaign.
    8. For the Athens Kiwanis Club's Campaign, we will select two teams with Bob Toy and Rick Crossen as the captains of the teams. Prizes for the winning team will be worked out later and the captains' fun activity will be held at a regular Kiwanis meeting.
    9. We need early public announcements in all the media outlets: WATH, WOUB, The Messenger, The Athens News, and Access TV.
  10. We will work with The Athens News and run full page ads on Thursday and Monday preceeding the Pancake Day on March 11, 2003.
  11. We will work with The Athens News and include the same ads for place mats for the tables.
  12.  All Kiwanis members will be encouraged to help their team sell the most Pancake Day tickets.  (The winning team will receive a special treat at one of our regular meetings.
  13. Kiwanis members who represent businesses will be encouraged to purchase ads for the full-page ad in the newspaper and the Pancake Day place mats.
  14. All Kiwanis members will be encouraged to serve on committees and work several hours during Pancake Day on March 11, 2003 at the Athens Community Center.

Teams for the Kiwanis Pancake Day Ticket Selling Contest:

The Terrible Toys:
Captain Bob Toy
Dix Asleson
David Brennan
Candy Byron
Linda Fife
Tony George
Richard Guder
Luther Haseley
George Hunter
Joe Jagers
Ted Jones
Richard Mayer
Milt Ploghoft
Dave Redecker
Dave Sager
Pat Sauber
Barb Sesher
Pat Sheridan
Michael Smeltzer
Dan Spratlin, Jr.
Tom Taggart
Jim Wilson

Crossen's Cruisers:
Captain Rick Crossen
John Biddle
Earl Funk
Dan Harlett
Dan Inman
Tina Jeffers
Abby Lavelle
Craig Mathews
George McCarthy
Bill Rader
Don Reed
Bob Roth
Kurt Sauber
Paul Schmittauer
Ray Skinner
Penne Smith
Dan Snoddy
Dan Spratlin, Sr.
Mike Ward
Dave Wickham
Augie Zorn

    For the Athens Kiwanis Club's Ticket Selling Campaign, we have selected three teams with Bob Toy, Rick Crossen and Earl Mathews  as the captains of the teams.  The teams are left in tact from last year with new members assigned to fill in the places of lost members.  We need to work out a reward for the winning team and a fun activity for the winning and losing captains.     

Although the Kiwanis Parade and Wheelbarrow Traipse down Court Street was a lot of fun, we didn't attract a large turnout from the public.  Maybe our Ticket Selling Contest Celebration should be held at a regular Kiwanis meeting. Captain Earl Mathews

    Earl challenges the rest of the Kiwanis Club to sell more tickets this year.  Earl certainly sets an example of how to sell Kiwanis Pancake Day tickets.


Newsletter Editors:
Ray Skinner
John Biddle

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