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KiwaniScope (Club NewsLetter)

May 2002
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News Items:
KiwaniScope    Volume 3, Number 8      District Kiwanis's Award-Winning Bulletin
May, 2002

We Need a Community Services Chairperson
    We need someone to step up and volunteer to Chair the Community Services
Committee.  It isn’t as though we haven’t been doing Community Services, but
we need someone to coordinate our Community Services projects.  This month
we are contributing to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Bowling Benefit.  Next
month we will help with the Circle K “Relay for Life” project and help with
a Good Works dinner.  We will contribute to the March of Dimes Campaign and
loan our grills to the River Valley School for their Pancake Day benefit to
raise funds for their new playground.
    Earlier this year we have worked with the Salvation Army on its
Christmas Kettle Drive and the food packages for needy people.  We have
sponsored the Service Clubs Bloodmobile Contest for the last two years and
donated money for other Community Service  projects.
    In the past we have sponsored many Community Service Projects and we
need someone to revive some of these projects and plan new ones.  In order
to get 100% on our reporting, we need to plan or do two projects a month.
We could revive the tradition of honoring Athens County 4-H Leaders at a
dinner with our Kiwanis Club. This was a major Community Service Project.
We had a similar dinner for new teachers and a Ministers’ Night.  At one
time in our early history we sponsored the Ohio University Alumni Reunion
and did many projects with the University.  We have always supported the
O’Bleness Hospital Fund Drives and several years ago we did many projects
with the early development of the Athens County Museum.  Our Kiwanis Story
newspapers reveal tours of homes and abandoned coal mines that were
co-sponsored by our Kiwanis Club.
    Probably the largest Community Services Projects ever co-sponsored with
the Athens County Museum were the Black Diamond Festivals which were
co-directed by John Combs and Ray Skinner.  Recently deceased, John Combs,
was the driving force behind those Festivals from 1982-84.   They were
three-day festivals with rides for children, entertainment for adults, food
concessions, a Coal Miner’s Daughter talent contest, and Strongest Coal
Miners Rope Pull.  Our Congressman Clarence Miller, UAW leaders and local
dignitaries took part in the festivities.  There was a huge parade with
bands, coal mining equipment and floats with the Coal Miner’s Daughter,
Little Miss and Junior Miss winners on the floats.  It is too bad that the
Black Diamond Festival was discontinued.  I guess the Paw-Paw Festival in
Albany, the Nelsonville Parade of the Hills, the Washboard Festival in
Logan, the Indian Mound Festival in The Plains, and the Moonshine Festival
in New Straitsville have more appeal than the Black Diamond Festival had for
    We need to do more for our Senior Citizens and the International
Students at Ohio University.  We can do more with Good Works and Habitat for
Humanity.  There are so many areas that need our leadership and support.
Most of us will help with Community Services projects, but we need a Chair
to organize them.  I know it is not easy to get volunteers, but surely there
is someone or maybe two people who will co-chair the Community Services

April Programs 

April 1, 2002: Sue Ellen Miller, professor of Recreation and Sport Sciences,
discussed problems of parents who place too much pressure on their children
to succeed in athletics. This may result in burn-out and drop-out for their
children.  Research has shown that parents who place the most pressure on
their children to succeed in athletics cause their children not to cooperate
with their coaches.

April 8, 2002: Pat Kelly who has worked in the Athens County Sheriff’s
Department for 15 years discussed narcotics traffic in Athens County.  Yes,
we do have a problem; there were 800 narcotics violations investigated last
year.  Violators range in age from 8 to 80. People can sell some of their
prescription drugs for $30 a pill.  Is it any wonder that they take the risk
to make this kind of money?  Kelly said people need to band together to
support police officers to enforce our drug laws and shut down drug traffic
in Athens County.

April 15, 2002: Athens High School 1982 graduate, Andy Evans, described his
experiences in the air ever since his graduation from the Aviation Program
at Ohio University.  In 1989 he started flying for Executive Jets.  Now he
trains pilots for Executive Jets in Columbus, Ohio and lives near Logan.
Executive Jets has hired 1,700 pilots and adds 400 pilots per year.  They
operate 400 jets that are owned by “time share” customers.  A company or
celebrity like Tiger Woods can purchase 1/4 interest in a Citation Ultra
(small jet) for $1.6 million and fly anyplace in the world with a four hour
request to go.

April 22, 2002: Cindy Lee, Community Director for Central Ohio Division of
March of Dimes, traced the history of the March of Dimes which was initiated
in 1938 by Franklin Roosevelt when he was President of the United States.
He had been crippled by polio, so he mounted a campaign to cure it. After
the discovery of the polio vaccine by Jonas Salk with March of Dimes
funding, the March of Dimes has taken on a new challenge of “Saving Babies,

April 29, 2002: Mark Metcalf, a case manager from Athens, Hocking and Perry
Agency, described a grant that he manages for people who have been impacted
by the loss of 826 miners’s jobs in this area.  The grant provides funds for
retraining and can be used to pursue an associates degree from Hocking
College or other similar training facility.
May Programs

May 6, 2002: Earl Mathews has pursued the improvement of Route 33 for a
generation and now his persistence has come to fruition.  Route 33 is being
reconstructed!  “Area Highway Projects” will be discussed by George Collins,
Deputy Director of ODOT, District Ten, Steve Williams, Construction
Engineer, and Stephanie Silfon, Public Information Director.

Ray Skinner’s portrayal of an Athens County Civil War soldier, Sgt. Edwin
Glazier, will be broadcast on Athens Public Access Channel 23 at 7:00 p.m.
on Monday, May 6, 2002.

May 13, 2002: Steve Ramirez will give us an “Update on the Ohio University
Police Department.”

May 20, 2002:  Michael Smeltzer, American Express Financial Advisors, will
discuss “Investments and Financial Advising.”

May 27, 2002: Memorial Day celebration.

April 28, 2002: We are sponsoring a Kiwanis team to bowl in the Big Brothers
Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Benefit at Rollerbowl Lanes from 10:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m.

Upcoming Service Projects

May 4, 2002: We are loaning our pancake grills to the River Valley School so
they can have a Pancake Day to raise funds to  purchase new playground
equipment for the School.  Everyone is encouraged to purchase some pancakes
from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the River Valley School.

May 17-18, 2002: The Circle K Club is sponsoring a “Relay for Life Event”
for the American Cancer Society. We are donating $250 for the event, but we
need some Kiwanians to join Augie Zorn for this event.  Teams are formed to
keep a member walking around the track from Friday evening through Saturday..
Bring Augie a cup of coffee to keep him awake and participate in the walk or
just come to the West State Street recreation facility to support the Circle
K Club.

May 18, 2002: The sixth annual March of Dimes, “Taste of Athens County
Garden Party” will be held from noon to 4:00 p.m. on the patio at the Ohio
University Inn.  Participants can enjoy an afternoon of food from area
restaurants and musical entertainment by The Hostetler Jazz Quartet.  The
cost is $20 per person or $30 per couple; all proceeds will benefit the
March of Dimes. The mission of the March of Dimes now is to improve the
health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality. See
Patrick Gregory, local coordinator for the March of Dimes, for tickets.
May 25, 2002: The Salvation Army is sponsoring a fund raiser at the Elm Glen
Golf Club at 3950 Ladd Ridge Road, south of Athens.  We need four golfers
from our Kiwanis Club to enter this worthwhile event.  The cost is $60 per
golfer which covers green fees, golf cart, and the post-tournament Awards
Party at the Athens Community Center on East State Street at 3:00 p.m.  It’s
an 18-hole scramble, four golfers per team;  registration begins at 8:00
a.m. and the tournament begins at 9:00 a.m. (See Ray Skinner or call
593-5153 if you can play.)

  How to Improve on Pancake Day?

    Even though we cleared over $6,000 on our Pancake Day this year, there
is room for improvement.  Primarily, we need to better serve our patrons
during the “Rush Hours” between 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM.  We spent one meeting
“brain storming” ways to improve Pancake Day for 2003.  Some of these
suggestions included the following:
  1. Buy more grills so we can cook more pancakes and sausages during “Rush
  2. Borrow a hot box from the O.U. Inn, so we can cook several hundred
pancakes and sausage servings in the afternoon and serve them during “Rush
  3. Give a card with a number on it and the number of people in the party
to people when they come in and serve them in the order that they are
seated. A duplicate card would be sent to the kitchen to fill the order.
When the meals are prepared, a server calls out the number and he/she takes
the meals to the table.

    Number in party:___45_____

  4. Encourage students to have their coupons filled out completely before
they arrive. 
  5. Open two entrances to the dining hall and continue to seat them when
they arrive.  People can help themselves to their beverages.
  6. Assign more people to help in the “Grills Tent,” dining room and
kitchen during “Rush Hours.”
  7. Put pancake batter mixer in the tent with the grills.  Run water to the
  8. Keep sugar-free syrup on a side table and put signs on tables that
sugar-free syrup is available from the servers. (May use sugar-free
  9. Buy more and larger bottles for regular syrup.
10. Consider buying wrapped utensils.
11. Consider renting a refrigerator for one day.
12. Encourage senior citizens to come for breakfast and lunch to escape the
“Rush Hours” by offering a discount of $3.50 only before 4:00 p.m. (Print
different color tickets for senior citizens.)
13. Have two tables for beverages separated; have all beverages on each
table to alleviate crowding.
14. Need two large Bus Tubs for iced milk and half-and-half.
15. Need several pitchers with covers for ice-water and encourage servers to
offer ice-water at the tables.
16. We could serve hot and cold tea for little extra expense.
17. Need a cart to move the orange drink back and forth from the kitchen.
(Need two containers.)
18. Need containers for straws, cups and lids.
19. Need two coffee makers, since we aren’t supposed to use the coffee
makers at the Community Center.
20. Need carafes to serve coffee at the tables.
21. Could sell enough ads for the ad in the Athens News to buy a double page
ad with twice the space.
22. Need to examine the use of the ads on the place mats.  Did it add
anything to the value of the ad?
23. Should we expand the number of schools who participate in the ticket
selling contest?  Can we handle the increased numbers?
24. What can we do to make the Pancake Parade more interesting and attract
more people?
25. How can we increase the pre-sales of tickets by members?
26. Shall we forget Peanut Day?  We can always have an auction of peanuts at
one of our meetings.
27. Can we invite other Kiwanis Clubs to attend our Pancake Day at the level
of the Logan Kiwanis Club?
28, How can we get the Downtown Club more involved?  Can we swap pancake
tickets for roses?
29. How can we reward the Nelsonville Boys, the Circle K Club, and Key Club
members for their hard work?
30. How about selling pancakes and sausage at the Athens County Fair Kiwanis
Booth?  We could have sausage sandwiches, also.  We could still sell pizza
and soft drinks, but we need a larger menu.

A Tribute to John Combs
    Somehow an obituary in the paper doesn’t tell the whole story of John
Combs as a loyal Kiwanian. It states that John Combs “was a former member of
the Athens Kiwanis Club, serving as past President and Lt. Governor.”  After
serving as president of our club, John served as co-chair of the Black
Diamond Festivals for three years.  John wanted to give Athens a community
event on the level of “The Parade of the Hills” in Nelsonville or “The Apple
Festival” in Jackson.  He worked with coal company officials and local
leaders to provide a family oriented festival.  He was successful in
providing a quality festival, but the people of Athens did not attend the
festival in large enough numbers to continue the Black Diamond Festival.
John continued to serve Kiwanis as Lt. Governor of the Mighty Ninth.

Newsletter Editors:
Ray Skinner
John Biddle

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