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KiwaniScope (Club NewsLetter)

January 2002
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News Items:
KiwaniscopeVolume 3,   Number 4
           District Kiwanis's Award-Winning Bulletin                           January, 2002


Athens Kiwanis Club’s 2002 New Year’s Resolutions
Last year we initiated making “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Now it is time to
evaluate last year’s resolutions and see how we did.  Last year our
Resolutions were centered around our “Club Service Report” as follows:

1. Complete at least two “Community Service” projects each month.
2. Carry out an “Interclub” to another Kiwanis Club each month.
3. Demonstrate a “Human and Spiritual Values” activity each month.
4. Carry out a “Young Children: Priority One” project each month.
5. Continue our support for the “Sponsored Youth” programs of the Circle
    K Club at Ohio University and the Key Club at Athens High School.
6. Recruit 10 new members this year and keep deletes to a minimum.
7. Continue to raise money for these projects and activities through Pancake Day, the Kiwanis
   Concession during the Athens County Fair, the Athens Marching Band Festival, and the 
    Concession at the Ohio University home football games.

Now let’s evaluate how we did on each one of the resolutions:
1. We did a satisfactory job conducting “Community Service” projects. (We continued support for the Salvation Army and started a Bloodmobile Service Club Blood Donating Contest.)

2. We carried out several Interclubs -- the longest being to Washington C. H.

3. We could do more with “Human and Spiritual Values” activities.

4. We carried out some of the usual Kiwanis projects for “Young Children,” such as the Halloween Costume Judging, the Easter Egg Hunt, 4H Awards, and DARE.  We added some new projects, such as the Athens County Junior Golf Tournament, the Summer Readers’ Program, Health Kits for the American Heart Association, Christmas Tree Auction and adding furniture for the Athens Community Center.

5. We continued to support our “Sponsored Youth”  programs, but we can do better.

6. We didn’t meet our goal of recruiting new members.

7. We gave up one of our fund raising projects -- OU football concession.. Now is the time to commit ourselves to making more profit on our existing fund-raisers and possibly starting a new one.  We have outlined how we think we can make more money from our Kiwanis Pancake Day on page 3. The Logan Kiwanis Club just made over $9,000 on their Charity Newsies project.  They sold ads in the paper and then sold the papers on the streets and in the Wall Mart parking lot.  Wall Mart matched what they sold in the parking lot.  Maybe we could do this in connection with the opening of the Athens Wall Mart.
Now that the committees are organized for this year, let’s start coming up with more service projects.  The Youth Committee is working hard on the S. S. Serendipity Project for the Beacon School playground.  We challenge the other committees to come up with some good projects, also. How about starting the new year by inviting some potential new members to Kiwanis?  Our ranks are diminishing and we need some young people interested in carrying on the Banner of Kiwanis.  Let’s have  New Members’ Night and invite some new prospects.

January Programs
Wednesday, January 2: Bob Toy will provide a Mystery Program which will
start the New Year off right. (?)

Monday, January 7: We will be invaded by a resurrected Civil War soldier in
the person of Terry Frost.  He will explain some aspect of the Civil War.
Terry is the Commander of John S. Townsend Camp 108 and Dennison Camp 125 of
the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War and First Sgt. of Battery I
of the First Light Artillery.  Terry retired as a Lieutenant in the Athens
Police Department after working there for 30 years.

Monday, January 14: Our speaker will be Kyle Wilson who has over four years' experience as a mechanical engineer and project manager at Sunpower, primarily in prototype development of compressors and cryocoolers.  Mr. Wilson was the project manager and development engineer on Sunpower's Phase II NASA Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program to develop
single-stage and two-stage pulse-tube cryocoolers. Sunpower recently received an SBIR award to develop a three-stage pulse tube cryocooler in which Mr. Wilson was named principal investigator.  In addition to his SBIR work, Mr. Wilson managed a Sunpower program to deliver a new refrigerator compressor, and served as a technical member of a commercial cryocooler
development team.  Kyle currently lives in Logan with his wife and two sons..

Monday, January 21: We will be invaded again by a Civil War buff, Chip Rogers, (He actually owns a full-size working cannon, or at least he did.), but his presentation will be about the “Background/Overview of the College of Osteopathic Medicine.”  His “Athens Connection” started in 1976 when he moved to Athens to become a part of the Ohio University College of
Osteopathic Medicine.  He is one of four original employees still with the college.  The rest of his “Athens Connection” includes founding the Athens Holiday Railfair, shooting his Civil War-era cannon at Civil War reenactments, and researching The Circus in America.

Monday, January 27: Committee Reports  December Programs Monday, December 3: Pam Parker, Asst. Vice President for External Relations, brought us up to date on the progress of the runway expansion and enlargement of the Terminal Building of the Ohio University Airport. She
used a power point presentation to show us what the impact of the expanded airport facilities will have on Southeastern Ohio.  There will be a potential for a regional airline carrier to come to Albany when the runway is extended from 4,200’ to 5,600’.  This would provide greater
accessibility, potential economic growth, increase tourism and be more attractive for employees  of Ohio University and businesses in Southeastern Ohio.  The new Terminal Building will be two and one half times the size of the present building.  The new terminal is planned to be completed in
February, 2002.

December Programs:

Monday, December 10:  Bob Roth passed out committee assignments for Kiwanis activities and showed a short film from Kiwanis International.  He encouraged committee chairs to meet with their committees at our regular meetings before the formal meetings begin.  Also, he passed out “Ideas for Each Committee” and a form for all the members to express their ideas on what they would like to see planned for 2002.  Bob hopes that our Kiwanis Committees will become more active in 2002.

Monday, December 17:  Members of the Downtown Kiwanis Club, their spouses joined our members, spouses and children for a festive Holiday Dinner at the O.U. Inn.  Peg McDargh played her usual dinner music then accompanied the group singing that made up the program for the evening.  There were 20 of our members, 16 guests, one Key Club President, and 13 members and guests from the Downtown Club in attendance.

Wednesday, December 26:  Let’s make plans for our Annual Kiwanis Pancake Day on February 12, 2002. (See related story.) One of our biggest fund-raisers for the year is the Annual Kiwanis

Pancake Day:  Since we did not choose to work at the concession stands for the Ohio University football games this year, we need to increase our receipts from the Pancake Day sales.  The following suggestions are planned for this year’s Pancake Day:

1. The price for advance adult tickets is $4.00, and $4.50 at the door. 
    The senior discount will be 3:50 either at the door, or in advance.

2. All children 12 years old and younger will be admitted FREE.  After all, the whole idea of Kiwanis is “Serving the Children of the World.”  Why not start at home?

3. We will require at least one adult to accompany the children in a family in order to get the FREE DINNER OR DINNERS.

4. We will distribute flyers and posters in all the Athens Elementary Schools announcing the Kiwanis Pancake Day and including coupons for the FREE DINNERS.  (Flyers and posters will be made available for businesses who are supporting the Athens Kiwanis Pancake Day.)

5. Coupons may be passed out at the entrance for anyone who forgot the coupons or did not get one.

6. We will work with Matt Seymour on his proposal for an Athens Tri-K Committee to work as a unit to have the four Kiwanis Clubs carry out a project each quarter.  We propose the Kiwanis Pancake Day as the Winter Quarter project.

7. We will have a Ticket Selling Campaign in each Club.  Each Club may design its own campaign. 

8. For the Athens Kiwanis Club’s Campaign, we will select two teams with Bob Toy and Rick Crossen as the captains of the teams.  The winning captain will be wheeled in a comfortable wheelbarrow down Court Street on Saturday, February 9, 2002 by the losing captain dressed in a colorful woman’s dress, hat and make-up. The winning captain will carry a large sign
advertising the Pancake Day.  The media will be contacted in order to get maximum coverage from the “Wheelbarrow Traipse.”

9. We need early public announcements in all the media outlets: WATH, WOUB, The Messenger, The Athens News, and Access TV.

10. We would like to cooperate with The Messenger on the full page ad on Sunday, February 10, 2002.

11. We would like to cooperate with The Messenger to sell ads for place mats for the tables.

12. We would like to sell Kiwanis Peanut Day cannisters of gourmet mixed nuts, honey roasted peanuts, jumbo whole cashews, chocolate covered peanuts, and turtles before and during Pancake Day.

13. Order forms and sample products in the canisters will be placed at the entrance of the Community Center and money will be collected for orders of the Kiwanis Peanut Day canisters.

14. Orders may be taken by members of Key Club and Circle K Club and the profit will be shared with their clubs.

15. Rick Crossen is working on a musical program to take place during the dinner hours from 5:00-7:00 p.m.  He will check with the various school groups and encourage the parents to bring the children, so that they can qualify for FREE PANCAKES.

16. We will encourage WATH to broadcast from the Pancake Day Festivities with its remote facilities.  (They should also cover the “Wheelbarrow Traipse” down Court Street on Saturday.

17. All Kiwanis members will be encouraged to help their team sell the most Pancake Day tickets.  (The winning team will receive free dessert at the February 18, 2002 meeting.)

18. All Kiwanis members will be encouraged to sell orders for Peanut Day products.

19. Kiwanis members who represent businesses will be encouraged to purchase ads for The Messenger ad, the Pancake Day place mats, and have their employees order Kiwanis Peanut Day canisters of nuts.

20. All Kiwanis members will be encouraged to serve on committees and work several hours during Pancake Day on February 12, 2002 at the Athens Community Center.     Planning for Pancake Day on February 12, 2002

New Food Trailer ?
by Paul Schmittauer 

Our club needs a starting point to determine the reasoning and viability of purchasing, outfitting, and operating a food service trailer for fundraisers to benefit the Kiwanis Club of Athens.

The club recognizes several things:
(1) The current shelter house on the Athens County Fairgrounds commits the Club to a single location.

(2) The site of Pancake Day is problematic due to the need to rent a tent and operate outside in cold weather. This has also raised some issues with the Athens County Health Department.

(3) The Athens County Fair is likely to move to Hebbardsville Road.  The current shelter house will have to be moved or replaced at our expense.

(4) The shelter house is in constant need of repair and has issues such as infestation with wasps, mice, and other pests year round. We would primarily need this trailer for The Athens County Fair and The Kiwanis Pancake Day.  The club also recognizes that a portable food service
system would open up many new venues for fund-raising, enabling us to do additional service projects with the added revenue. Additional events include: The Paul Bunyan Show, Bob Evans Farm Festival, Albany Independent Fair, Paw-Paw Festival, Recycle-a-bration, Fantastic Fourth, Parade of the Hills, Jacksonville Moonshine festival, The Heritage show, Athens Halloween, Bicycle Criterium, and many others. Our limitations with a portable system would be more one of manpower than available venues. Realistically, a trailer with gas griddles could be used for many things. Before proceeding much further with attempting to purchase a trailer, we should define the style and scope of Kiwanis food service fundraising. Current suggestions are that we should prepare to:

(A) Make and serve pancakes
(B) Serve pizza and Taco-in-a-bag.
(C) The suggestion of cooking fried meats of some kind has been brought up.  Possible meats include Bison, ground beef, and fish. 

(A) Cost: A suitable trailer would need to be large enough to contain our griddles, a refrigerator, preparation tables, sinks, and serving space. These cost  $10,000 to $100,000 new, and $5,000 to $20,000 used.  There is a wide range, depending on condition, age, installed equipment, and location.

(B) Outfitting: Nearly any trailer we would buy will require some degree of modification or renovation to use for our purposes. It might also be the case that a trailer could be found with suitable griddles installed, making the outfitting process much simpler. It is apparent that the more money we can spend, the better trailer we can buy.

(C) Moving: Such a trailer would be sixteen to thirty feet in length, and weigh several tons. Several members have vehicles which could haul such a trailer.

(D) Insurance: This would be an ongoing cost to insure the trailer against collision damage, fire, etc. Of course we could risk going without, as Kiwanis International carries liability insurance on club activities, but that would not replace or repair our trailer in the event of loss.

(E) Storage: The trailer would fare better if indoor storage could be secured for the winter months at least. The Alexander Lions Club stores their trailers in a building  at the Athens County Fairgrounds, perhaps we could make similar arrangements.

Paul's Suggestions:
(1) I recommend that we survey the membership to determine their willingness to work additional food service fund-raisers, so as to support such a trailer.

(2) I recommend we pursue this further, with discussions and looking at trailers.

(3) I also recommend that as we get closer to a selection of a trailer, we approach the membership, and ask for donations toward the purchase and outfitting. Members who donate considerable sums could have their names on a plaque on the trailer and other recognitions as they desire.

Newsletter Editors:
Ray Skinner
John Biddle

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