Welcome to the LD/DH Resource Rooms
Morrison Elementary
Mrs. Nan Cooley, Instructor
Mrs. Deborah Mitchell, Instructor

    Greetings to All -- Morrison Elementary has two LD/DH resource rooms. These two classes serve grades K-6 and allow students to be more homogeneously grouped and developmentally appropriate !

   We are working as a team to provide quality educational services to students in an atmosphere based on caring, integrity, and creativity. All of the activities/programs listed below are individually tailored to meet students IEP goals and objectives. So, for some students they may be getting all of the programs listed below and others will have partial participation of  what is being offered. If you ever have any questions about programming please feel free to contact us at Morrison - 593-5445. We are available prior to the start of the day and directly after school.

I. Units of Study (where applicable)

Written Language and Spelling

    Spelling words used in our class are common writing words, Dolch words, words in the Instant Spelling Program, Quickword words, and ones that are in the everyday reading assignments of students. Many of these words overlap in the variety of programs that are presented. Pretests and Posttests will be administered to document progress of students. Activities to reinforce include sentence writing, Journal activities, Instant Spelling Program workbooks, Quickword workbook, computer programs, and word and language games. Dictation will also be presented to reinforce phonics skills taught in reading. We are also participating in Write Track programming which is promoted school wide to our student population.


        Reading will be taught, including sight words, phonics and word analysis skills. The Stevenson Language Skills Program is sometimes used for reading instruction in phonics and word attack. This program teaches the student patterned reading. Workbooks are utilized with this reading program along with a special reader. Additionally, we will also be using Basal reading series and high interest low reading level books to supplement the reading program. Our classes make use of the school library to learn library skills and to help foster a love for reading. Out of class reading may be required to practice and augment current programming. If we work as a team and students practice these skills regularly we will see positive student accomplishment !!


    Close attention will be paid to the IEP goals and objectives to design a math program for each student. We will be utilizing the Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley Math Series adopted by our school. The level chosen will not necessarily be at your childs grade level, but will be appropriate to the grade level that your son/daughter is able to complete. We also utilize math games and other instructional activities to supplement the math series. Daily practice of skills will additionally be emphasized through homework.

II. Homework

    Each student has a Homework Journal and/or a Homework Journal Study Guide. This starts early in the fall. In this journal are sample activities that can be completed on an ongoing basis directly related to the IEP. These activities are located in the Study Guide. Students will also be writing in their Homework Journals which denotes specific activities that they will have for homework. Typically, assignments will consist of a variety of : some reading, practice of the Dolch words they are working on, spelling words, a language arts activity, some journal writing activities, and practice of math facts. Students should spend at least 30 minutes on their homework activities each evening.

III. Study Skills/Behavior Management

    Students are taught in small groups or individually and are assigned activities to complete during their time in class. Completion of activities and adequate ability to follow classroom rules result in a reward through the Choice Board or other options. Choices consist of educational/fun computer games, games table, treasure chest type rewards and on occassion candy. The reward system is delivered either daily, twice a week, or weekly depending on the grade level of student and the amount of time they participate in our classes.  Information regarding this reward system is available upon request. Classroom rules are posted in the classroom. We feel these two items go hand in hand. If students exhibit the appropriate behaviors and are ready to work we will accomplish more academically. IEP's also indicate students who need special attention in this area and/or specific plans.

Individual Progress

Progress is determined by how and when your child achieves the goals on his/her Individualized Education Program (IEP) . Performance is noted on Student Progress Reports that are provided to parents 3 times per year - after grading periods and at the end of the year Periodic Review Conferences through Present Levels of Performance. It is quite important that parents attend all conferences if possible. We are a team !!

Learning can be FUN !