Language Arts

     Vocabulary, comprehension, language, and study skills are all needed for students to become independent readers.  Special emphasis on an integrated language arts program will include speaking, listening, reading/literature, and writing skills.

     An English textbook is utilized.  English instruction includes an integrated language arts program combining speaking, listening, reading, and process writing.  The text will be used to supplement a daily writing program of creative and informative writing exercises.  Prewriting and revising activities will be emphasized.  Grammar will be used as a tool for improving students’ writing of paragraphs and long compositions.

     A student’s grade in spelling is based on class assignments and a weekly test.  Parents are encouraged to work with their children on reviewing spelling lists for forthcoming tests.

Social Studies

     Students will be “traveling” to various countries throughout the school year.  World regions and cultures included in the curriculum are U.S. and Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, Sub-Sarahan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, and Southern and Eastern Asia.  Students are encouraged to share travel experiences and souvenirs from any of these areas.


     Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will be reviewed.  These four operations will be applied when learning fractions and decimals.  Also geometry, graphing, problem solving, ratio, percentage and measurement will be studied.

Science and Health

     Life science topics are kingdoms, ecosystems, and cell growth.  Earth science topics are history and structure of the Earth.  Physical science topics include chemistry, energy, and properties of matter.
     Health topics will include stages of human growth, the immune system, and making healthful choices.