A Morrison assignment book is required of all students and will be purchased when workbooks are purchased at school.  Please SIGN your child’s assignment book NIGHTLY.  Check to see that the homework is completed.  If your child does not bring his/her assignment book home daily something is wrong.  Please have a consequence for your child not bringing home the assignment book, or if there are no entries written for that day.  This is our message center to you, the parents.  Many times we will leave a message in the assignment book when there is something important to relay.  We also look and stamp each student’s assignment book nightly when possible.

        Go through your child’s backpack and folders to remove graded papers and notes from school.  When a student receives an “F” or a “D” on a test, regardless of subject area, we request that the parent or guardian examine the test, SIGN IT AND RETURN IT TO SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY.  Math and social studies tests are so sequential that we often will allow students to retake failed tests as long as the first test has a signature.  This procedure serves to keep parents or guardians informed of their child’s progress.

        Backpacks should be prepared with completed homework and at the door before your child goes to bed.  This will avoid early morning confusion and reduce the number of “forgotten” items.

        Periodically HELP your child clean out his/her backpack.  PLEASE DO NOT do it for them.  Many times there is something in there that the child will need at a later date.  This will help your child be organized, and help eliminate the problem of “toys” or inappropriate, distracting items coming to school.  Any item your child brings to school could be lost or damaged, please keep this thought in mind.

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