Robbins Crossing (Yes, there is no apostrophy in Robbins!) is located in Nelsonville, Ohio, on the campus of Hocking College.  Most of the buildings were built around the early 1800's and have been moved and reconstructed at Robbins Crossing.  Robbins Crossing is part of the Hocking College School of Natural and Historical Interpretive Services program.  Students taking specific courses in Historical Interpretation research the time period (Ohio pioneers in the 1850's) and present what life was like in early Ohio.  Some of the many stations that our students have visited  in the past include candlemaking, cooking, the cobbler, the blacksmith, the schoolhouse, carding and spinning wool, the doctor, the herb garden, the smokehouse, the cooper, dying wool, and toys and games.

As this page is quite new, and still under construction, look for pictures of our trips in the weeks to follow!