Brad owns a piece of property where hundreds of maple trees grow.  Each spring he collects maple sap from the trees through a process called "tapping".  Tubes running out of tiny holes drilled in the maple trees bring sap to large stainless steel containers.  The collected sap is boiled down into maple syrup.  Boiling removes water from the sap through evaporation.  It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.
    Brad sells his maple syrup at local grocery stores and farmer's markets.  He charges $7.00 per quart.

1. In order to cover his expenses for the year, Brad must make at least $500.  If Brad collects 400 gallons of sap, how much will he make by selling the syrup for $7.00 per quart?

    Gallons of    Gallons of    Quarts of
        Sap            Syrup            Syrup
    _____      ______      ______    X $7.00=________
                                                                           Brad's Syrup

2. Will Brad be able to cover his expenses?

    Expenses       Income        Difference

    $500            _____        ______

How much money will he make or lose?________________

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