It is very important to establish the habit of having a set homework time.  If your child knows this schedule and realizes it will be kept, their study habits will improve.  This will be of great benefit to your child for years to come.  A schedule of at least 30 minutes should be set aside for each evening.  The time may change from evening to evening, as long as it is kept regularly.
        Sometimes children will say they have no homework when in fact they do.  If they know that the study time will be kept regardless of whether they remember their homework or not, it will soon be worth their effort to remember the assignments
        If your child says they have no homework they can always:          In addition to their regular nightly homework routine, children should have some time set aside to read.

Homework is expected to be done when it is assigned.
Homework is given to: 1) review information
                                 2) review skills
                                 3) practice new skills
                                 4) complete long term projects such as reports
                                 5) study for tests
                                 6) complete unfinished class work

        Written homework will be collected and graded/checked.  Parents are encouraged to look over homework and offer help when needed.  Please write notes on papers if you feel it would be helpful for me to know your child had difficulty with an assignment.

When is homework time?   Fill in the schedule together and keep it faithfully.

Monday       _______________________________________________
Tuesday       _______________________________________________
Wednesday  _______________________________________________
Thursday     _______________________________________________
Friday          _______________________________________________



1.  If they do not voluntarily offer, please ask to see your child's assignment book.  Check to see that homework is completed and initialize the assignment book entries.  If your child does not have their assignment book, something is wrong.  Decide together what will happen if your student comes home without the assignment book, or if there are no entries written for the day.  What will the home consequence be for not having a completed assignment book?

2.  Go through your child's TAKE HOME FOLDER to remove graded papers and notes from school.  Please look for possible notes from me written on graded papers.

3.  Backpacks should be packed when homework is completed, or before your child goes to bed.  This will avoid early morning confusion and reduce the number of "forgotten" items.


1.  It may not be possible to go over the completed papers your child brings home nightly, but it would be very helpful if your child knows there is one night each week when you will go over their papers with them.  Look for notes from the teacher, or common mistakes that seem to appear again and again.  Talk about these with your child.

2.  Help your child clean out their backpacks on a regular basis.  Please do not do this for them.  There may be something in there the child knows he or she will need at a later date.  If your child knows you are going to "help" with this task once a week, it will eliminate the problem of "toys" or inappropriate, distracting items coming to school.


1.  Review what your child has accomplished during the month.  Has there been an improvement in handwriting?  Have test or quiz scores improved?  Have assignment book entries become more complete?  Is a reasonable reward for a job well done in order?  Decide together what a reasonable reward for good work (or real signs of improvement) might be.  If possible, choose rewards that are activity-oriented.  Write down the possible reward choices that are agreeable for both the student and parents.


         When it is time to do homework, a quiet area is best.  The place where your child does homework should be away from the TV or other distractions.
         If your child can work very well on their own, they may want to do homework in their bedroom.  If you know your child cannot work alone without getting into other things, then try to find a spot where you can watch them perhaps a quiet corner of the living room with the television off where you can see them as dinner is being made.  You do not need to sit down beside them as they work.  Many families do not have the time to do this nightly, and it is not teaching the child to work independently.  Ask to see the work once it has been completed and before it is put in the backpack.  Is it complete?

         Some basic materials should be kept on hand.  A shoe box will do just fine if there is not a desk drawer available.  However, the box should be used only for homework materials.   It will be helpful if this could include extra paper, pencils, erasers, a student dictionary, and a ruler.