Dear Parents,

        Welcome to the Fourth Grade!!   Fourth grade is a wonderful year of growth and transition.  It is during this year that we begin to move toward more emphasis on the content areas and learn to apply skills as tools for learning.
        Please go through this "handbook," fill in parts with your fourth grader, and use it often throughout the school year.  It can answer many questions that might come up from time to time.  It also contains many suggestions for how to make fourth grade a productive and successful experience.
        All fourth graders are asked to purchase a Morrison Mustang assignment book as part of their workbook supplies.  These are available at Morrison the second week of school.  We will work together in class to learn how to use the assignment book effectively.  This same skill is also used in fifth and sixth grades at Morrison.  Parents can help by monitoring and initializing your child's assignment book every night and talking to them about its use as an organizational tool.
        Hopefully this handbook will provide information and reminders throughout the year which will make it easier for all of us student, parents, and teacher to work together to make this a year of achievement.  School should be an enjoyable and positive experience for children.  It is their opportunity to learn not only information, but about themselves, how to work with others, and how to organize and manage their responsibilities.  With some guidance from their parents and teachers, they will grow and mature in many ways this year.
        I look forward to working with you to make this a good school year for your child, and for the class.

                                                                                Miss Kotts


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