Behavior Expectations

Student Conduct

           It is expected that children will behave at school.  This is necessary for the health, safety, and academic progress of every student.  Every person at Morrison has the right to be treated courteously and with respect.  Everyone has the right to feel they are free from harm when they come to school.  Children who show they can not, or will not, follow the rules and/or treat other people with consideration and respect, often find themselves excluded from privilege or activities.  This is especially true of activities such as field trips when safety is a primary concern and teachers need to feel assured that students will cooperate and be dependable.
        As a class, we have discussed appropriate behavior and why it is important.  Morrison's rules are listed in the Parent-Student Handbook.  The fourth graders have been given a "Strike" book which outlines the teacher's expectations and possible consequences of misbehavior.  Every parent should have seen and signed a copy of the Strike book the first week of school.  Basic classroom rules are posted in the classroom.  The Morrison Code of Conduct is posted throughout the building.  Students should know and understand what is expected of them, and why it is expected.

Miss Kotts's Classroom Rules

1.  Always treat other people with the same respect and courtesy with which
        you  would like to be treated.
2.  Listen to other people when they are speaking.
3.  Work quietly.  Do not disturb others and never bother their work or materials.
4.  No more than 3 people out of their seats during quiet work times.
5.  Keep your desk and materials neat and organized.
6.  Always put classroom materials away in their proper place.  Pick up
        things which fall on floor.