Introduction to Fourth Grade at Morrison Elementary

    Fourth grade classrooms are self-contained for all academic subjects expect for mathematics.  However, the fourth grade homerooms do many activities together.

    Mathematics instruction emphasizes the student's need to understand concepts, know basic facts, efficiently use computation skills, and select and apply appropriate problem-solving strategies.

    Our core Science curriculum covers the major topics of geology, sun-earth-moon relationships, the body systems, electricity and magnetism, and animal and plant relationships. Many hands-on activities and trips to our Land Lab are utilized in learning, and teaching science.

    Studying our great state of Ohio makes up the major emphasis of fourth grade Social Studies. We have been covering a major unit on Ohio for many years. From this study of our state, several field trips have come to be essential parts of the Ohio study experience. During the course of the year, our class travels to the Ohio Statehouse, Robbins Crossing at Hocking College, Buckeye Furnace, Hope Furnace, and Ash Cave.

    Fourth graders write, write, write their way through the school year. Many opportunities to write are presented in the classroom, and in the Computer Lab where the children learn to touch type and compose with word processing skills.

    School wide activities which are open to our fourth graders include: Flag Patrol, Student Council, Peer Mediation, Honor Roll, Library Book Clubs, and Drama Club.