Homework is given to: 1) review information, 2) practice old skills, 3) practice new skills, 4 complete unfinished class work, 5) study for tests, 6) complete long term projects such as reports.

Most school nights, fourth grade students should be able to finish their homework in 30 minutes to an hour. If your child is spending an hour or more each evening on homework, please contact their homeroom teacher to discuss the matter.

Homework is expected to be done when it is assigned. Most assignments will be completed in one evening and turned in the next day. Some homework projects, such as reports, take several days to complete. For long term assignments, due dates will always be provided by the teacher so children will know exactly when the assignment is due and how long they have to complete the work.

Written homework will be collected and checked. Written assignments will be recorded as completed or incomplete. Grades for written practice may be taken from homework assignments to be averaged into the student's quarterly percentage.

The severity of the school consequence for a student not having completed homework will be based on the frequency of missing homework assignments. Possible consequences for not turning homework in on time may include:

    1.Recording the score as a zero until the assignment is completed and turned into be scored.  (A two day grace period will be given before other consequences, such as those listed below, are applied)

   2.Staying in at recess to complete a missing assignment

    3.The teacher calling parents to inform them of chronically late assignments or several missing assignments

   4.Loss of special programs or projects to make up missing assignments

     Students are responsible for copying assignments accurately from the chalkboard into their assignment books, and for remembering to take home all books and materials needed to complete their homework. They are responsible for turning in completed assignments as requested by the teacher.

     Please ask to see your child's assignment book every school night. Go over the entries with your child and initialize the entries daily when your child has completed them. Parents are encouraged to look over homework and offer help when needed. Please write notes on papers if you feel it would be helpful for the teacher to know your child had difficulty with an assignment.