Snowy Day Homework
Any day that we have a snow day because the buses cannot run the route, Iíd like you to follow this general homework.

MATH: Pick ten (10) problems from the orange math book. Try to pick challenging problems and pick at least three (3) story type problems as part of the ten (10) problems you pick.

SPELLING: If you have your weekly spelling list at home, write three sentences per day using the list words like we would do in class. Donít forget to use your student dictionary you have at home. Depending on the day we are not at school please pick your homework journal assignment for the spelling choice work.
         If you do not have your spelling list call a friend to read the list to you to copy over the phone or find words from the dictionary to use for sentences.

LANGUAGE: Write a paragraph describing your snowy day. What did you do that day? What type of excitement was there? Who did you play with?  Donít forget to indent and follow the 1-2-3-2-3-1 pattern of writing. If there is another snow day just keep writing as if this was a story.

READING: Read for fifteen (15) minutes two different times during the snow day. Of course you can choose to read for a longer time if you wish.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES: Listen to the noon or evening news programming. Listen for the weather forecast. Write down what the weather report tells you. Listen for the local or national news. Write down one important news item you find interesting.

Follow this assignment for each snow day we might have. Thank you. Have fun, too.

        Mrs. Bloom and Mrs. Mullins