Homework Procedure/Policy
 As a parent of a third-grader, you can expect your child to have some type of homework every evening of the school week.  Typically though, weekend homework is usually limited to studying for upcoming tests or at-home projects.  The following is a brief example of homework your child may have in any of the various subjects.

READING:   Your child will be expected to read at least 15 minutes every evening.  This reading can be your child’s choice.  (i.e. chapter books, magazines, etc.)

MATH:   Math can vary from simply practicing basic facts (flash cards or games) to computing equations that reinforce a concept they may have learned that day.

SPELLING:   Spelling homework provides many choices for your child.  These choices are similar to what the children were exposed to in second grade...with the exception being the spelling lists will be longer and more difficult.

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE:   Homework for these subjects mainly consists of studying for upcoming tests.  Occasionally your child may have projects for these two classes as well.

OTHER:    Your child may have “other” homework that doesn’t fit into any of the above areas.  For instance, if class work is not finished in a reasonable amount of time at school, it may be sent home for a child to finish.

 To try to keep some organization to this homework procedure, your child should have a spiral-bound notebook (70 pages) which will be the homework journal.  On the average, the children use one per grading period.  Therefore, if you would prefer to buy four at once, we can store them at school and distribute them as needed.

Thank you, Mrs. Bloom and Mrs. Mullins