Behavior and Discipline Policies

Dear Parents,
 Your child’s success is very important.  To create and maintain a positive learning environment for all students, we will follow the behavior and discipline policies below.  Please read them and discuss them with your child.

Behavior Policy

Bottle caps are given as special rewards or favors.  Each day the children will receive a cap simply for coming to school!  Bottle caps can be used to buy special privileges.  Bottle caps are given at random - always be alert!  Friday is shopping day.  The children should keep their caps at home in a safe “bank” and bring them to school on Friday to buy things such as the teacher’s desk for a day, a sweet treat, something from the surprise box, a poster, a special lunch with their parent(s), or a party letter that they may have had revoked.

If a child has 3 letters of their PARTY chart still remaining at the end of the month, s/he may attend the end-of-the-month party.

Discipline Policy

Traffic Light System:

Green light   =  Warning.  One bottle cap revoked.

Yellow light   = Caution!  Two bottle caps revoked and one party letter removed.

Red light    = Stop!  Three bottle caps are revoked and the child loses the recess privilege.  A note is also sent home with the child, or a phone call may be made about the behaviors.