CHUGGING ALONG WITH



I have been teaching for 26 years in grades pre-first through fourth grade.  I have been in second grade for the last thirteen years at Morrison.  Prior to that I taught first grade, a pre-first grade, second grade, a first/second combination and an open classroom third and fourth grade.

Philosophy of Teaching

I believe that as a teacher, I must work with the students so that we become a team.  We have to care for and trust each other since we will be working together all year.  I do not want the children to be afraid of me, but learn that they can come to me anytime.  Many times, I consider myself as the facilitator of the group, not as the leader.  We will have a definite structure in our classroom and the children will know what is expected of them.  We will be planning things together as a class, working out projects, and learning together.  I hope that I can guide your child to learn new things, and encourage each one to explore new areas for them.

Discipline Plan

I believe in the non-punitive approach to discipline and involving the children in the process of making up and enforcing the rules.  The rewards and consequences listed below are general.  Each situation is different and may require a different, logical consequence other than time out, or note home.  The book Please Don't Sit on the Children  by Clare Cherry is excellent in understanding why children misbehave and ways to handle situations positively.  You are encouraged to borrow the book from me to read on your own (it is easy, fun reading.)  The class makes up the rules.  I always add the first one, the other four were determined by the class the first two days of school.  This year our class rules are as follows:

 1.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.
 2.  Raise your hand.
 3.  Work quietly.
 4.   One person talk at a time.


Verbal praise
Sticker at end of day for Green Card up all day
If a child has earned 4 or 5 stickers for following rules at end  of week, special  reward will occur on Friday as determined by class at the beginning of the week.
BUG (Being Unusually Good) coupons will be given throughout each week for good work, behavior, etc.  These can be traded in (like money) for certain items and periodically there will be a 'store' or 'auction' for the children to purchase items.

Consequences (green, yellow, red, blue cards on chart):

     Green card up all day (follows all rules)  Great behavior
     Yellow card up (has broken a rule)   5 minutes renewal time
     Red card up (has broken rule a second time)  15 minutes time by self
     Blue card up (has broken rule three times)  See Mr. Gordon and note home

If a child is hurting another child, automatic note home and talk with principal.


Second grade has minimal homework.  I do request that you read at least 10 minutes each evening with your child.  The children will also have spelling words each week to study for a test.  In another week or so, we will be starting a homework journal which your child will bring home each evening, Monday through Thursday with fun assignments.  The children will earn special privileges in our class on Friday for doing the homework.  Also, your child will have science or social studies related projects this year with each unit of study.  You are encouraged to help your child, but not do the entire project for them.  The idea behind these projects is to have fun, work together, and create something your child is proud to share at school.  The projects will be due about two weeks after they are assigned.

Special Schedule

Our weekly special schedule of classes is as follows:
     Monday - music
     Tuesday - music, computer, and sixth grade buddies
     Wednesday - physical education and library
     Thursday - physical education
     Friday - art

Weekly Newsletters

Each Friday, I will send a newsletter with your child.  Please look for it in your child's folder and read it.  It will always be on colored paper.  Often times, important information is in it concerning dates, etc.  I try not to tell you everything that you should be hearing from your child, just to give you an idea of what we are doing and you can as your child for more details.

Book Orders

Book orders will come home each month.  If you wish to order for your child, return money and order form.  PLEASE donít forget the childís name on form or envelope.  If paying by check, please make check out to the company;  we will use Trumpet and Lucky Book Clubs; sometimes I will do special orders like the Software Club or others such as Social Studies Club, etc.  If at any time you want to order books as gifts, let me know by phone or note.  Iíll arrange to get the order from you and to you when they come in without the childís knowledge.