The program is designed to be a phonetic approach to spelling, reading, and writing, starting with short vowels in order, adding some long vowels, digraphs, and other beginning and ending blends.  The children will be using a spelling workbook.  This book has many activities that involve spelling, reading directions, and the writing process.  Students will be given a pre-test prior to the final test.  If the child misses no more than one word on the list of 10 or 12 words, then a challenge list will be sent home on Monday that the child will study for his/her test on Friday.  This list will have the same spelling pattern as the week’s list.  The children will still do the activities in the spelling book, but will also do some activities with the challenge list.

    The children will also have some dictation sentences that they will bring home on Wednesdays that uses the week’s spelling words.  The Friday test will consist of 10 list words (regular or challenge) and 2-3 sentences that will be dictated and they will write down.