Second Grade Homework Journal

Children will bring home a homework journal each evening, Monday through Thursday.  Promoting responsibility and encouraging positive home-school communication is the goal of the second grade homework journal.  This homework should take your children approximately 20 - 30 minutes each evening.  Please check over your child’s homework journal after he/she completes it each night.  If your child forgets to bring home his/her journal, just have him/her do the homework on another sheet of paper and bring to school.  Students are rewarded at the end of each week for satisfactorily completing the homework journal.

The Homework Journal format is as follows:

1. FRONT of journal page:
Reading  Your child needs to read at least 10 minutes and
                record the book title.

Spelling  Choose one of the spelling options to practice weekly
                words from the attached list.

2.  BACK of journal page will be devoted to Math.
Math       If a specific assignment is not given, the student should choose from
                the option list in the front and back of their journal.