Homework Policy
“First Grade”

In the first grade homework is assigned to reinforce classroom activities and to instill responsibility in students rather than to assess their performance on the work completed.  Homework grades will not be assigned, but students who complete their homework will receive positive reinforcement according to the system of rewards implemented in their classroom.  Those who do not complete assignments will receive no rewards.

Reading Books
When reading books are sent home, have your child read any stories that he or she can read with ease.  It is appropriate for students to practice any stories ahead of classroom work.  This will serve as additional reinforcement.

Vocabulary Lists
When vocabulary words are sent home, it is good to make flash cards of them.  You may practice the words by saying them with your child, using them in sentences, etc.

Spring Book Club
During the months of March, April, and May, students will read as many books as possible.  They will receive a certificate for their achievements on Awards Day in June.

Specific letters will be introduced each week.  These will be listed on the Weekly News.  Continue to review letters from past weeks throughout the year.  A sample of D’Nealian handwriting is included in this packet.

Reinforce math skills listed on the Weekly News.  You may do this by going over completed assignments or by using “notes for home” highlighted in yellow on the bottom of each math page.  These activities are important to help students apply what they’ve learned in school and practice problem-solving.  Pay special attention to addition and subtraction facts.  Make certain to practice them while formal instruction is taking place at school.

Science and Social Studies
A few project or related activities may be assigned for parental help.

Students bring their homework home in their blue backpack folder.  Please check it each day after school.