Scholarships at two and four year colleges are awarded on a competitive academic achievement basis, special talent, geographical residence, and/or area of study. Academic scholarships consider the following when selecting recipients: academic records, class rank, standardized test scores, special talent, activities, honors awards, and recommendations. Financial aid forms (FAFSA or CSS Profile) must be filed for scholarships based on need. Colleges require students to apply for admission prior to being considered for any scholarship, therefore early application is important!

Need-based Awards. The following guidelines apply to these awards.

To be considered for any need-based financial assistance, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available in the guidance office. The FAFSA collects information about your family's size, income, and (in some cases) assets, and provides an estimate of what you and your family can contribute toward the cost of your education.

The FAFSA will ask for family income information from the from the prior calendar year as reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, your family should complete federal income tax forms as early as possible to meet the necessary deadlines. If you cannot or wish not to file taxes early, you should plan to provide income estimates and meet the FAFSA application deadline.

Submit the FAFSA directly to the Central Processor listed on the form or file electronically. The Central Processor will analyze your FAFSA and send the results to colleges that you are applying. This is a process which may take two to four weeks. Most colleges need to receive your FAFSA results by February 15th, to ensure consideration for the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work Study, individual colleges and grants, and/or a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. To apply electronically,


Merit-based Awards. There is no separate scholarship application for freshman scholarships at Ohio University. Everyone who applies to Ohio University receives scholarship consideration. You are also required to submit ACT/SAT scores and your high school transcript to the Office of Admissions, and you must be admitted to the university to receive any award. These requirements, which have to be met before a scholarship application can be considered, must be received no later than February 1, 2005. For additional scholarship listings refer to the Ohio University website at

SB 140 students must apply for admission using the freshman application.


You will receive this award if you have a score of 32-36 on the ACT or 1400- 1600 on the SAT I and are projected to be in the top 20% your high school class. This scholarship covers the cost of in-state tuition and is renewable for three additional years of study.


This scholarship is awarded to the most qualified incoming minority freshmen. It covers the cost of in-state tuition and fees and is renewable for up to three additional years of undergraduate study; 15 new awards are funded each year.


You must have a score of 30-31 on the ACT or 1320-1390 and be the valedictorian of your high school class to receive this award in the amount of in-state tuition. This award is renewable for three additional years.


You must have a score of 30-31 on the ACT or 1320-1390 on the SAT I and rank in the top 20% of your high school class(non-valedictorian) to be considered for this award of $3,500. This award is renewable for three additional years.


You will receive $1,000 if you are the valedictorian of your high school class, have a score of 29 or less on the ACT or 1310 or less on the SAT I. This award is renewable.


Hundreds of endowed scholarships are available to Ohio University students. While test scores are considered, these awards are often based on financial need or require the recipient to be from a particular city or county or to have graduated from a particular high school. The value of these awards varies. No additional application is necessary, although to be considered for some awards you must file a FAFSA.


Awards are $500 to full tuition. Criteria: qualifying test scores. Statewide American History Scholarship competition in the fall of the year. Test is given at Athens High School.


If you are a National Merit finalist and you named Ohio University as your first choice, you are guaranteed scholarships totaling at least $4,000 from Ohio University and/or the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This amount may include Ohio University scholarships (some of which may be renewable), National Merit $2,000 scholarships, corporate-sponsored merit scholarships, and endowed scholarships.



Amount: $2,205. Criteria: Highest school g.p.a. and ACT test taken before December test date. Recipient must attend an Ohio institution on a full time basis. Total: one, renewable. Applications available in the high school guidance office or online Deadline: February


Competition begins on local level (Alexander, Athens and Federal Hocking High Schools) among top two senior boys and top two senior girls from each school. These students enter and compete in the District, State and National competitions. Awards at these levels range from $1,000-$5,000. There are two categories of scholarships; two-year vocational/technical and four year college. Children of non Elks members may apply. See guidance counselor for applications or contact local Elks. Deadline is January 10.


Amount: $1000. One year nonrenwable scholarship available to any graduating senior of any high school in Athens county. For any four year accredited college/university in U.S. Also for nonmembers. Separate application in guidance office.


Amount: $200. Criteria: Academic achievement, community service, a direct relative of a Vietnam ERA veteran, Athens County graduate. Separate application in guidance office. Deadline: February.


Amount: $600 - $1,500. Criteria: Subscribers/users of electrical service from Ohio Rural, one male and one female selected from each school to compete for two scholarships. Separate application in guidance office. Deadline: March.


Amount: $700. Criteria: Applicants selected by accredited Ohio nursing school. Applications in guidance office.


All branches provide comparable awards, programs and educational services.


Amount: Varies. Criteria: Degree of disability, vocational choice and location of school. Contact local RSC office or 1-800-282-4536. Deadline: Begin several months prior to start of academic year.


Amount: Less than = tuition. 48 scholarships awarded on the following criteria: rank in the top 20% of the graduating class, 3.0 minimum g.p.a., and minimum ACT composite score of 20, attend Rio Grande.


See high school advisor for details.


Family member needs to have masonic affiliation. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need, academic merit, and outstanding character. Selected by Masonic Scholarship Committee. Contact Athens Masonic Lodge for application.


Amount: Varies. Contact Cooperative Extension Office for additional information.


Parents deceased for any reason who served 90 days active duty during wartime. Free tuition at public supported Ohio institutions or $4,710 per year at private Ohio institutions. Applications available in high school guidance office, veterans service offices and Ohio Board of Regents/State Grants and Scholarships Department. Deadline: July 1 after graduation.


The Ben Manley Scholarship is established by a former employee of the Ohio Department of Transportation for children or grandchildren of ODOT employees residing in Ohio's Sixth Congressional District, which includes the townships of Athens, Fairfield, Gallia, Guernsey, Lawrence, Licking, Meigs, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Perry and Washington Counties. Selection, based on academic achievement and financial need, is made by the Ben Manley Scholarship Committee. Restricted to Ohio University.


This scholarship is established by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio and by friends as a memorial to years of loyal service to southern Ohio youth. Restricted to Athens, Meigs and Hocking county high school graduates selected on the basis of leadership, academic record, and financial need. Applications from the Church of the Good Shepherd in Athens and AHS guidance office. Deadline: March 1.


Individual enlists and finishes 6 years of duty of Ohio National Guard. Students at public institutions receive 60 % of tuition or an average at Ohio private institutions. Forms are available from the Ohio National Guard, 614-336-7023.


Killed in the line of duty tuition waiver program. The tuition is restricted. The award amount is equal to tuition at a public institution or $3,900 in 2003 at a private institution.


Amount: $2,000, $1,000, $500. Candidate must be the child, step-child, or grandchild of a veteran. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic achievement. Selected by Amvets committee. Submit applications to Amvets Post # 76, P. O. Box 5763, Athens, Ohio, 45701. Deadline: June.


Amount: $2,000. Candidates must be child, step-child or grandchild of a veteran. This scholarship is awarded to an Athens County High School senior who has been accepted into degree program at Hocking College. Sub applications to Amvets Post #76, P.O. Box 5763, Athens, Ohio 45701. Deadline: June.


Amount: $1,500 and $2,000. Legion members, direct descendants of Legionnaires, and surviving spouses or children of deceased U.S. military persons who died in active duty or of injuries received in active duty. Contact scholarship committee at 614-268-7072. Deadline is March.


Amount: $1,000 (several, locally); one $10,000 (nationally). Criteria: 2.0 g.p.a. on a 4.0 scale, creative ability, community involvement, overcome obstacles, life goals and interests, academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, quality of character. Separate application available in guidance office or Papa John's Pizza restaurant. Deadline: January 31.


Amount: $1,000. Criteria: student must be a graduating high school senior enrolling full-time in a 2 or 4 year accredited college in the United States, have at least a 2.5 g.p.a. and have taken the ACT or SAT. Separate application in a local Walmart store. Deadline: February 1.



District Scholars is a tuition assistance offered to students residing in the six counties in southeastern Ohio. Students need to maintain a 2.0 grade point average and take 12 quarter hours of classes each fall, winter and spring quarter. This program is renewable for two years. Award amount: $1,200 - full tuition. To apply for this program, students need to submit an admission application, a Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA), a Hocking College Student Information Form, and a District Scholars application.

The Engineering Unique Full Tuition Scholarships are awarded in the areas of Industrial Ceramics, Materials and Manufacturing, and Compressed Air and Gas Systems. Students need to maintain a 2.0 grade point average and take 12 quarter hours of classes each fall, winter and spring quarter. These scholarships are renewable. See admissions office for an application.


Hocking College Foundation Scholarships are $300 - $500 awards given to first and second year students who maintain a 3.0 grade point average. See the financial aid office for an application.

Endowed Scholarships are awarded by corporations in a specific technology or area. The technologies and amounts vary. Please check the college bulletin for a comprehensive listing. Award amounts: $300 - $1,800. See the financial office for an application.


To be considered for one of these scholarships, you will need to complete the Athens High School Scholarship Form, or separate scholarship form if noted, and submit it by February 14, 2005 to the Guidance Office.
It will then be forwarded to the appropriate scholarship committee of each individual organization. They, in turn, will determine the recipient of the scholarship.

Chauncey Dover High School Memorial Scholarship-

Amount:$1,000 Criteria: AHS graduate, resident of Dover Township for the two years prior to graduation from AHS. Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of academic promise and/or talent for further schooling in chosen field of study. Schools for specialized career training as well as two-year and four-year colleges will be considered. Donors will make selection based on information which may be requested. Recipient will be invited as a guest to be introduced at the Annual Chauncey-Dover High School Reunion. (Separate application in guidance)

Frances Helsel-Williams-

Amount:$500 Criteria: AHS graduate, music major. Scholarship winner(s) shall be selected by the Oversight Committee upon recommendation of the Chairman of the AHS Music Department. The following list of criteria (not all-inclusive) in order of preference is character, aptitude and need. When all evaluation points are equal, preference will be given to a female graduate. Complete AHS scholarship application. Deadline: February 14

J. Warren McClure Scholarship -

Amount: $1000-$2000, dependent upon the number of recipients and financial need. For two or four-year colleges. Criteria: AHS graduate, Financial need, with academic promise. Selection finalized by the McClure Foundation. AHS scholarship application. Interview required. Deadline: February 14


The following are scholarships given by local civic organizations to graduating AHS senior. Complete an Athens High School Scholarship Application or separate application, if noted.

Athens Rotary-Lawrence Worstell Scholarship

Amount: $1000-$2000 Criteria: AHS graduate, character, financial need and academic. Designated for Ohio University. Interview required. Total: dependent on budget. Separate application in guidance office. Deadline: March 1

Athens Downtown Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Amount: $200-$500. A service scholarship for any four year college. Criteria: college freshmen. Total: dependent on budget. Complete Athens High School scholarship application. Deadline: February 14

Athens Kiwanis Club Scholarship-

Amount: $500. A service scholarship. Total: dependent on budget. Recipient is a member of the Athens High School Key Club and plans to attend a college or university which has a Circle K Organization. Deadline: February 14

James and Martha Bratton Scholarship-

Amount: $2,000 Awarded annually to a student planning to attend a four-year college or technical school. The amount may vary but will not exceed $2,000 per year. Applicants must be a member of any Christian Church of Athens County and must have a grade point average of at least 2.5. Applications are available in the guidance office. Deadline: March

Herman Humphry Scholarship -

Amount: $200 Must be a relative of a person who attended or graduated from The Plains School System. Must submit a brief resume giving background, relationship to person attending school system and plans for future education. In addition, separate scholarship application available in the guidance office. Deadline: May 1

Athens High School Merit Scholarship-

Amount: $500 Criteeria: Athens High School graduate, based upon academic merit, attending any four-year college. Selection made by student council committee. Separate application available in the guidance office. Deadline: February 14

Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine Scholarship-

Amount: $250. Awarded to a graduating senior who plans to attend Ohio University and major in a health related field. Strong emphasis and academic success in the science area will be primary criteria for the selection. Separate application available in the guidance office. Deadline: April 1

Athens Education Association Scholarship-

Amount: varies Total: two. Criteria: AHS graduate, elementary or secondary education major, academic promise and dedication to education. For any four-year college. The student must complete an Athens High School Scholarship application and separate essay. (See guidance office for topic) Deadline: February 14

McDonald's "Ray Kroc" Award-

Amount: $500 Total: one Criteria: AHS graduate, freshman, financial need and academic promise. Designated for Ohio University or Hocking College. Complete Athens High School Scholarship application. Deadline: February 14

Athens High School Volunteer Service Center Scholarship-

Amount $500 Criteria: Athens High School graduate, minimum of 25 hours volunteer service, attending any four-year college. Selection made by VSC board. Separate application available in the guidance office. Deadline: February 14

Ross Stube Memorial Scholarship-

Amount: varies Criteria: graduate of Athens High School. This scholarship is in memory of Ross Stube who passed away while he was a student at Athens High School. Ross was a member of the Athens Marching Band, an avid outdoorsman and a computer expert. Selection made by Ed and Darlene Stube. Complete an Athens High School Scholarship application. Deadline: February 14

Harry B. Crewson Scholarship

Awarded to a graduating senior who plans to attend Ohio University. Criteria: Academic achievement, excellence in community activity areas and/or special talent areas. Parents must be members of Ohio University Employees' Credit Union. Separate application at Ohio University Employees' Credit Union. Contact: Trisha Hale at the Credit Union. Deadline: February 28.

Edward Parrish Chapter Colonial Dames XVII Century Scholarship

Amount:$500. Criteria: 3.0 gpa minimum on a 4.0 scale, current senior attending an Athens County high school. Separate application in guidance. Deadline: April 15

Larry Berberick Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by the O'Bleness Hospital Charity Golf Tournament. Criteria: financial need, leadership and scholarship. Also for non members. For Ohio University or Hocking College. Separate application available in guidance office. Deadline: January 31

Bush Opportunity Fund-

Amount: varies. For post high school training in programs two years or less. Criteria: AHS graduate, interview required. Selection finalized by McClure Foundation. Separate application available in guidance office. Deadline: February 14

Judith Morgan Memorial Scholarship

Awarded in memory of former AHS art teacher. Criteria: AHS graduate, excels in art. Complete Athens High School Scholarship application. Selection made by Art Department and Morgan family. Deadline: February 14

Kristen Kostohryz Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 each. Total: two. Criteria: AHS graduate, excels in art. Complete Athens High School Scholarship application. Selection made by Art Department and Tom and Barb Kostohryz. Deadline: February 14