AMS Faculty/Staff


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Dr.Paul Grippa-Principal
Betty Sexton – Dean of Students
Karen Morgan-Guidance
Janet Lowes-Admin. Secretary
Nina O'Leary-Admin. Secretary


Ryan Adams - Physical Education
Betsy Anderson- English, Yearbook

Debbie Anderson – Intervention Specialist
John Barrington - English,    Power of the Pen

Andrea Bobo – Intervention Specialist
Mike Brawley - Social Studies, Math

Kristen Camara – Reading
Cynthia Chalfant –Intervention Specialist
Dylan Crawford - Science
Jim Gannon - OWA 
Jack Gardner – Intervention Specialist
Bill Gaskalla - Industrial Arts 
Angela Hall - Social Studies,   
      Cheerleading, Cross Country, , Student Council, Track
Mary Ann Hopple-Science
Michele Hudson - Chorus 

David Kaufman - Computer Technology,Newspaper and Volleyball
Stephanie Kight – English/Reading

Sarah Labovitz - Band
Lora Lavelle- Health
Anne L'Heureux - Physical Education
Stephanie List - Science 

Robert Marrs-Social Studies 
Melanie McGrath - Math
Maureen Miller - Life Skills 

Julie Mollica – Intervention Specialist
Christine Newman – Intervention Specialist 
Kim Niemeyer – French, Keyboarding 
Kurt Nostrant - Science, Cross Country
Linda Parsons – Intervention Specialist  
Doug Phillips - Industrial Arts 
Penny Purdy - Music 
Pandy Reiser - Art

Noreen Rogers - Spanish

Jeff Skinner – Social Studies

Kim Strode – Life Skills

Nina Sudnick - Math
Pam Thomas-Computer Technology, English

John Thomas- Speech and Language Therapy
Carol Wolf - Math 
Doug Woodruff – Intervention Specialist


Monna French

Educational Assistants

Richard Carlson –MH

Linda Chiki - MH

Diane Smart - SBH  


Debbie Walls – AM Shift- 6:30-2:30  
Jerry Smathers-AM Shift-6:30-2:30-Food Truck Driver
Mary West-PM Shift-2:30-11:00
Debbie Meek-PM Shift-2:30-11:00
Scott Damman-PM Shift-4:00-12:30

Cafeteria Staff

Tammy Dicken – Food Services Director

Staff:  Marlene Bartlett, Connie Clark, Lisa Wilson, Lisa Wilson, Lisa Dupler, and Sarah Sigler.