Athens Middle School

Parent Teacher Organization





Introducing the AMS PTO

The PTO is the parent teacher organization.  We all belong to the PTO!

This years PTO board members are

Lisa Quinn (President):, phone: 594-8890

Ginger Schmalenberg (Vice-President):, phone: 590-7389

Rhonda Reilly (Treasurer): phone: 593-3343

Andrea Waltje (Secretary):, phone: 593-3833


What does the AMS PTO do?

The AMS PTO supports school events and does fundraising activities for supplies, the 8th grade Washington, DC trip, the graduation party in May, etc..


What kind of school events?

Examples of school events are the monthly dances, teacher conferences, t-shirt sales, etc.


How does the PTO raise funds?

For the DC-trip there will be special fundraisers, e.g., we staff Halloween parking at the school.

Fall: we sell T-shirts and sweatshirts (deliveries will be made before Christmas break).

Dance: we sponsor one dance during the school year and recruit chaperones, decorate, and sell admission and snacks.


What else do we do?

We provide dinner for the teacher conference on November 13.

At the graduation party, we decorate, supply food and ice, and clean up.

We organize the designing and ordering of t-shirts for the DC-trip.


How can I help?

Please take note of the Parent Newsletter 1 (see link below) and have your child return it to the home-room teacher.

To volunteer at the Halloween parking contact Chris Newman at 594-1884 (home) or 593-7107 (AMS)

To volunteer at other events contact Lisa Quinn at 594-8890 (home) or at


The AMS PTO meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Noon for about an hour in the conference room. 






Please take a look at the following documents.


PTO Meeting Minutes September 2007

PTO Meeting Minutes October 2007

PTO Meeting Minutes November 2007


Parent Newsletter 1