FCCLA-1st Semester 2004

“Dynamic Bulldogs”


National FCCLA

The AMS Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) class is made up of twenty-five hardworking young boys and girls, making it the largest
FCCLA class ever. 

Our officers for 2004 and 2005 are:
President; Ariella Park, Vice President; Nicole Germano, Secretary; Meredith Webb, and Public Relations; Seyi Odunaiya and Ashley Zimmerman.

Even from the first day of school, we have been working on several leadership and community service projects. 
The first project we started was interviewing.  This project was particularly significant because it helped us know what to do when taking or giving an interview.  We worked a lot with the high school homecoming because we believe it is important for the students of Athens Middle School to have school spirit.  We had planned to have an ULTRA-MINI PEP RALLY but hurricane Ivan had different plans for us.  We still plan to have one in the future.

A recent project was setting up a reception for Open House to promote the Book Fair.  These experiences so far have taught us to work together, to organize, and to get involved with the community.  We hope to do many more projects even after the class ends at the semester.

List of  Projects


Recently, FCCLA Dynamic Dogs have been working on several community service projects.  Throughout the beginning of November, we have accomplished Red Ribbon Week, Spirit Week, helped the Imprints Club with Mix It Up Day, Foster Care Holiday Shopping with the help of Barb Kostohryz and Jolynn Weinfurtner where we were able to shop for many children in the Athens County area.

 We have also participated in Operation Christmas Child where we collected forty plus boxes for young girls and boys living in poverty overseas.  Now, we will be focusing on making candy rolls for the elderly at Kimes Nursing Home, Pennies for Patients where we will raise money for children with leukemia, the Athens City Library fundraiser, and the mini-pep rally which will be Jan. 13 before school in the auditorium.  We still plan to do many more projects as the year progresses.  If you want to keep yourself updated with FCCLA or any other AMS organization tune into 107.7 WSEO FM.

Edited by Joe Tysko

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