The attendance phone number is 592-3507. This the  answering machine and will cover during the hours the office is not open.  After 8:45 AM, please call 593-7107.

    -No more than one per month.
    -Always 7-9 p.m.
    -Admission $2
    -No one is released without a note from parent(s)/guardian(s), or picked up in person.
    -Only current A.M.S. students may attend.
    -No relatives, siblings, other-school-friends, may attend.
    -Student's hand is stamped to verify admission.
    -Dress code is the same as a regular school day.
    -Parent chaperones are always welcome.

Eligibilty for extra-curricular activities
    -Student must arrive at school by 9:30 A.M. on the day of the event.
    -Must not have earned (on the previous quarter's report card) two failing grades or a
      grade point average below 1.67.

Dress code
    -Refer to page 11 of the Student Handbook for completeness
    -Dress purposefully (for class work)
    -Not too revealing, soiled, suggestive, or advertising drugs, alchohol, sex, or violence.
    -Length standard for shorts, and skirts: Shorts/skirts must NOT be higher than the students
     fingertips with their arms relaxed at their sides.
    -No bare midriffs or sleeveless shirts.

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