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Athens OH 45701
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Who We Are

Atco, a non-profit corporation, is the employment and training center for people with disabilities in Athens County. Our goal is to provide employment opportunities for all of our employees and assist them in becoming productive members of their community.

What We Do

Contract - Atco can lower the cost of doing business for a company. Our sub-contract operations provide businesses with labor and equipment for a variety of services. We can take care of those low profit margin jobs, free up your valuable production work space, and provide a labor pool to help you with peak production periods. For instance, we perform, but are not limited to, the following:

Light Assembly, Bench Work, Counting/Sorting, Specialty Weighing

On Site - Atco can provide a pool of qualified employees to do assembly and bench work at your job site on a temporary or permanent basis. Operations that don't fit in with the prescribed work flow, or repetitive and cyclical work are prime candidates for this concept. We provide the supervision, training, and personnel, as well as quality assurance to insure a well run operation.

Atco also provides professional mobile work crews that specialize in: Commercial Janitorial Services, Carpet Cleaning, Floorcare

Our mobile work crews are never sick or on vacation. We do the hiring, supervising, scheduling, and the payroll. We have a written quality control procedure that is followed by all of our employees. Contract services are reviewed and approved by customers.

Bulk Mailings - In today's world of scarce resources, human and economic, we are all seeking ways "to do more with less". Atco's mailing services can save you money on your bulk mailings. Our professional staff has the know-how and the experience to allow you the greatest discount allowable on your bulk mailings. Our work force of individuals with disabilities can perform a variety of mailing tasks including: Labeling, Zipcode Sorting, Collating, Folding, Stapling, Inserting

Specialty Packaging - Anchoring Atco's expanded specialty packing systems is a new state of the art shrink-wrap production line. This new shrink tunnel system, accommodating packages up to 10-1/2" high x 16" wide x 30" long, solves difficult problems resulting from problem packages and hard-to-handle shrink films. Hand assembled packages and computerized counting scales that provide quality assurance through accurate counts, are other notable features of Atco's specialty packaging systems.

Job Placement Services - Job Placement Service (JPS), acting as an employment agency, offers the employer a wide range of services through the Supported Employment process. Supported employment brings about a merger between the business community and a pool of qualified, dependable workers. JPS staff can meet your business' b\personnel needs by offering you the following free services:

Recruiting - pre-screens, interviews, and provides a pool of qualified employees

Training/job coaching - assists you and your staff in teaching your new employees their job

Job analysis - analyzes and details the job, work site, and personnel needs

Job carving - frees up other staff to do more complex tasks

Technical assistance - personalized job and site modifications

Americans with Disabilities Act resource - our staff will assist you in finding the answers to your ADA questions.

Atco provides a broad range of services at competitive costs to businesses and industries like yours. Employing workers with disabilities, Atco and its employees provide excellent service and top quality performance in a variety of industrial and business tasks. We also serve a number of customers who have out-of-state shipping and delivery needs or who are based in other parts of the United States. When you put us to work, you'll enjoy the benefits. We save you time and money.

Writing Instruments - Atco would like to introduce you to an inexpensive and effective way to have your message remembered and used--reliable writing instruments from Atco. We have been a prime manufacturer of pens and pencils for over twenty years. Our writing instruments are imprintable through surface imprinting and come in a wide variety of barrel and ink colors to reflect your business' or organization's image. What all of our customers have discovered is that Atco offers a quality product which provides a very important function for a price equal to, or even lower than, our competitors!

The Executive pen features a twist-top design and a sleek metal barrel

The Retractable pen twists to expel and repel the point

The Standard Stick pen is a capped pen that is sensibly priced

The Mechanical Pencil features three 5-mm leads and an automatic clutch-fee mechanism

The round Pencil is a basic writing and erasing tool available in a rainbow of colors.

Please call the Atco Writing Instrument Department for more information at 740-592-6659, or e-mail Carrie Beeman at

Volunteers!! - We have many, many opportunities for community members and college students to interact with our adults with disabilities in a variety of activities. Contact Jeff Bierlein via e-mail at

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