I. Proposal and Methods 
I.A. Research Question
I.B. Limitation and Delimitations
I.C. Sources and Methods
I.D. Format of the Paper

II. Review of the Research
II.A. Introduction to the Review of the Research
II.B. Brief history of the Underground Railroad
II.C. Where Washington County fits in
II.D. Important People
II.E. Most Used Routes
II.F. Important Places
II.G. Publications from the time

III. Application of the Research
III.A. Introduction to the Application of the Research
III.B. Brief history of the Underground Railroad
III.C. Where Washington County fit in
III.D. Important People
III.E. Most Used Routes
III.F. Important Places
III.G. Publications from the time

IV. Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations
IV.A. Summary of the Research
IV.C. Conclusions
IV.D. Answer to the Research Question

V. Works Cited

VI. Addenda
VI.A. National View of the Underground Railroad
VI.B. Underground Railroad Routes in Ohio
VI.C. Map of Sites in Washington County
VI.D. Picture of Putnam House
VI.E. Reward Posters
VI.F. Newspaper Article
VI.G. Drawings of Slave Auctions