Looking Back
by Al Coté

  I thought you might enjoy an excerpt from an old book I came across a while back. It is Elementary School Science and How to Teach It, by Glenn 0. Blough and Albert J. Huggett. It was published in 1951.
  "There is scarcely any legitimate reason for using standardized tests in elementary science. If tests must be prepared and administered, let us try to keep them appropriate for the pupils whom they are designed to measure. The teacher should keep in mind these things:

  • The test must be designed to measure, in so far as possible, the attainment of all the objectives and not merely the subject-matter aim.
  • The test scores should be only one of the criteria for evaluating the progress of the pupil.

We Need You

  • The test should be used as a teaching device as well as an evaluation tool.
  • Tests evaluate the success of the teacher as well as the learner.
  • Tests should be simple, clear, and short and should contain a variety of types of questions.

  Above all, remember that all pupils cannot be expected to progress at the same rate toward any specific artificial goal you have set up. Try to consider growth as an individual matter. It is, you know."

  This newsletter is intended to be a way for teachers in the area to share and communicate with each other about their experiences with teaching science. In order for this to happen, you need to send us information about what you are doing. We would love to sit in your classroom and write an article on what you are doing, but we have stuff we have to get done too. So, please send us things we can publish.
  Your audience is other teachers who teach the same types of students you do. Feel free to ask questions.
  When you read an article by another teacher who asks a question, please respond. This would be an easy way to survey many students and collect data. We'll publish your survey and they can mail their results to you. You can then follow up with a compilation of data in the next newsletter.
  How do you submit something to the newsletter? If you teach in Alexander, Federal Hocking, or Trimble, give your item to your curriculum coordinator (you know who we are).
If you are from another district, fax your item to me, Barry Oches, at 662-5065. If you have questions, call me at 662-3006. If you prefer e-mail, my address is:, or

Tell us what you think!

Write a paragraph about what you do in your classroom to make your science instruction inquiry based. We will print responses in the next issue.

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