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Ohio SchoolNet Summer Technology Training Sessions

Sponsored by Region 11 Southeast, Southern Consortium. Registrations to your district technology coordinator or Ann Rolston, SchoolNet Summer Training, 978 Louise Avenue, Logan OH 43138

Internet Training
A CD-ROM product produced by the SchoolNet office will be used to introduce and instruct Ohio area teachers to/and about the Internet via the Netscape Navigator 3.0 browser and CUSeeMe video conferencing software. All participants will receive this disc that includes an easy-to-use installation program for Netscape and CUSEeMe software programs as well as easy-to-access instructional/tutorial movies about both software programs.

Technology Training Modules
These 1 day training modules at the novice level (awareness) and practitioner level (literate) will have participants integrate one of the following technology tools: productivity, information, networking, and media/hypermedia into a LessonLab based on the Ohio SchoolNet LessonLab Matrices.
Designing A Learning and Technology LessonLab
Video tape from 12 Ohio exemplary classrooms will provide the basis for instruction along with NCREL's Plugging-In framework. This 1 day workshop with 2 follow-up days during the school year will provide classroom teachers the opportunity to integrate learning strategies, classroom/information management skills, assessment techniques, technology tools and resources into their day to day classroom activities.

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