40 North Plains Road
The Plains, Ohio 45780
(740) 797-4437

web: http://www.usps.com

  • The United States Postal Service in The Plains delivers mail to approximately 1700 residences and 100 businesses.  It is involved in the community through participating in the Indian Mound Festival, Wee Deliver, Career Day, displaying student art work, and providing service projects for girl scout troops.  It provides a well stocked retail outlet for customers to buy not only stamps but mailing supplies such as boxes, padded bags wrapping tape, and bubble wrap.  It also has the Looney Tunes merchandise in conjunction with the issuance of the Looney Tune character stamps, such as, Bugs Bunny and Sylvester and Tweety.  It is a good place pick up that last minute gift to send to your niece or nephew.  Career opportunities are many, everything from janitor to computer technologists to mail carrier to truck driver to accountant and lawyer.  As the largest civil employer in the country, we have many opportunities to provide employment.
  • Requires high school diploma (?), pass entrance exam with 70% or better, score in top three scores.
  • Skills include math, computers, interpersonal and communication skills, accounting, organization, management.
  • Typical day

"Quote from Business Representative" Laddie Henninger

This company supports the STW program by answering student questions, being a middle/high school guest speaker, hosting middle/high school student visitors for shadowing and career days.

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