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  • Provide forest management, conservation and forest fire protection services for the Wayne National Forest, the only National Forest in Ohio out of 155.  National Forests are dedicated to multiple-use management.  Multiple-use management means managing resources under the best combination of uses to benefit the American people while ensuring the productivity of the land and protecting the quality of the environment.
  • Requires four year college  or graduate degree for most positions.  Forestry technicians have a two-year degree available locally from Hocking College.  Professions include: secretary, computer programmer, accountant, real estate appraiser, landscape architect, engineer, surveyor, biologist, hydrologist, botanist, archaeologist and sociologist.
  • Skills include math, computers, manual skills, accounting, mapping, knowledge of land management and natural resources
  • Typical day depends on position.  Must be willing to move to other states, especially to western states where more jobs are available.

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This company supports the STW program by answering elementary student questions, being an elementary school guest speaker.


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