408 Richland Ave.
Athens, OH  45701
(740) 594-5626
Fax: (740) 594-1723

web: http://www.oakhillbanks.com

  • Oak Hill Banks is a state chartered commercial bank regulated by the State of Ohio and insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  With 15 offices, the bank has more than 150 employees and is one of the largest independent financial institutions in southeastern Ohio.
  • Requires high school diploma, two or four year college degree depending on job.
  • Skills include math, accounting, computers, interpersonal skills, communication, knowledge of loan and banking regulations.
  • Typical day

"Quote from Business Representative" Brian E. Hall

This company supports the STW program by answering student questions, being a school speaker hosting student visitors for shadowing or career days.

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