94 Columbus Road
Athens, Ohio  45701
(740) 592-3854
Fax: 593-5451

web: http://www.acenetworks.org

  • ACEnet is a community-based economic development organization located in rural, southeastern Ohio.  Our purpose is to work with others in the area to create a healthy regional economy with many successful businesses and good jobs.  Our goal is for people with low incomes to move out of poverty permanently through employment or business ownership.  during the last five years we have been researching, designing, and implementing a strategy we call sectoral business networks.  The key activity that drives this strategy is to bring together groups of small businesses to access high-value niche markets.  We currently work with small businesses that serve two market sectors: specialty food products and computer services.  A new food service facility was just recently opened.  ACEnet also works with schools in Athens, Meigs, and Vinton counties to implement an entrepreneurship curriculum called Computer Opportunities Program (COP).  Students learn basic business principles and how to use computers and the Internet to implement a business.  The business itself may or may not be computer-related. 
  • May require high school diploma or GED, experience in the business being established.
  • Skills will vary according to the type of business.  Math, computer, accounting, communications and interpersonal skills would be needed by all.
  • Typical day will vary according to business.  ACEnet employees may spend the day working with clients, providing training and workshops, assisting in finding financial resources.

"Quote from Business Representative" Lee Wood

This company supports the STW program by being a middle/high school guest speaker, being a mentor for middle/high school students.  Topics include business, communication, economic development, internet and may be by presentation or interactive.

e-mail Lee Wood.