Janelle's first try


I am in the seventh grade at Federal Hocking Middle school in Stewart, Ohio. I live in Coolville. I have a sister (Ericka, age 7) and a brother (Charlie, age 5) they are each younger than I am. I have two cats which are afraid of people because when they were kittens we didn't play with them very often (one is pregnant, we think). My best friends are Courtney L., Megan L., Amanda F., Breanna W.,(her homepage is also available on the page mine was.)and Staci Y. I like them because they are VERY understanding and I can talk about anything with them and they don't care. I have alot of other friends some of them are Renee Stevens, Jessica Jeffers, Jessica Harvey. My favorite subject is Science. In Science we are studying space, especially the moon. I like science because it is easy to understand. My favorite teacher is the science teacher, her name is Mrs. Lawrence. I like her because she is soooo beautiful, she is easy to get along with, and she makes learning fun!!!! She is also teaching the computer class that I am in. She taught me how to make this beautiful homepage that you can now indulge in!!!!!!!

My 7th Grade Picture,have I changed any over the years? (Look on down to find out.)

But Mom, do I have to clean it!!!??? I like it like this, I can find everything.

If I didn't get my teeth for Christmas.....What did I get? I don't remember, can you figure it out? ( If you can be sure and click on the letter at the bottom of the page and tell me!)

Here, want to SEE some

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