Athens County Recycling Program
278 West Union Street
Athens, Ohio 45701

Thank you for your interest in Athens County's recycling effort. Your participation in this program is greatly appreciated. Source separation of materials by homeowners and businesses goes a long way toward keeping waste disposal costs minimized while helping solve environmental problems, protecting public health, and conserving resources for a strong economic future.

Improperly prepared and unsegregated materials, however, put and excessive burden on the recycling program. If different types of recyclables are mixed together, if materials are not clean, or if non-recyclable materials are put out for collection, the costs to the program are increased and the efficiency of the service offered to you is decreased. Unclean materials are very difficult and often impossible to market.

Unlike garbage, which is thrown into the rear of a packer truck never to be touched by human hands again, recyclables collected at the curbside are handled by program employees and are stored in buildings as they are moved through processing and remanufacture facilities. For this reason, it is important that materials be clean and properly prepared and sorted. It is critical that workers not be exposed to contaminants and potential diseases associated with unclean materials and garbage.

Please help us help you and together we can increase the quality and efficiency of service that the Athens County Recycling Program provides to citizens.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely, Staff and Management
Athens County Recycling Program

Material Accepted