City of Athens Fire Department
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Athens Fire Department

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Established in 1830, the Athens Fire Department was first located where the Athens City Hall operates today. Horses that pulled water wagons were kept in a stable located next to the former Fire Department. Presently, there are two department locations. The headquarters is on Columbus Road and a station-house on Richland Avenue.

If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance please call our business phone at 592-3301.

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Here, we have compiled some important fire safety tips to help you prevent fires and help ensure your safety.

strobe.gif (771 bytes)    One of the leading causes of fire deaths in the United States involves smoking and careless use of smoking materials.

strobe.gif (771 bytes)    The following tips can help prevent these careless tragic fires:


Never smoke in bed.
Only use deep ashtrays that will not overturn easily and are in a secured location. Never balance an ashtray on an arm rest or on your lap.
Never empty ashtrays that contain smoldering materials until they are completely out.
Check under all chair cushions for discarded smoking materials after entertaining guests.
Never smoke around flammables (aerosol spray cans, nail polish, etc.).
Check smoke detectors monthly. Do not remove smoke detector batteries.
Always leave building when fire alarm sounds. Do not return to building until police officials allow you to do so.
Candles are easily knocked over and they can ignite clothing, curtains or bedding materials. If you are a student, remember that burning candles in dormitories is strictly prohibited by Ohio University.
Reading lamps should not be mounted on beds or near any combustible materials that could ignite due to heat generated by the lamp.
Unplug all heat generating appliances (clothes iron, curling irons, etc.) before leaving your room.
Do not wait for a fire to learn a secondary means of escape from your place of residence.
Practice safe cooking habits. If you are a student, only cook in dormitories where it is permitted!:
Turn all pot handles in towards the stove.
Never leave cooking unattended.
Never cook while wearing loose-fitting clothing which could catch fire.
If a pan should catch fire, keep a lid nearby to cover the pan. Call 911.
Do not attempt to carry the pan outside or to a sink.

Remember, in case of an emergency, dial: 911.

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