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  • Tuppers Plains Elementary

    Here is where you can find the Student Handbook and School Calendar

    Want to read a tale of wonder? This contains folk and fairy tales from around the world. Highly recommended!! Here is another along the same line. It is called Aesop's fairy tales.

    Ok, let's have some fun. Here is a game of Tic Tac Toe that you can play with a 32 bit browser.

     Head Teacher Mrs. Doris Well 667-3310
    Carnival	October 21
    Kindergarten	Mrs. Kay Long
    First Grade	Mrs. Doris Well
    Second Grade	Mrs. Barbara Tripp
    Third Grade	Mrs. Sandra Needs
    Fourth Grade	Mrs. Cindy Linten
    Fifth Grade	Rebecca Edwards
    Sixth Grade	Mr. Bryan Durst
    Reading		Deedrah Simmons

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