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  • Technology at Eastern

    School starts tomorrow and guess what. The 25 new computers are in. Here is the techno-blablo scoop on them.

  • P5/133
  • 16m
  • 1.6g
  • 28.8k

    Translated to English, it means that these machines are killers! Nancy Larkins is busy putting in the requisition to network these machines together as I write this. School board willing, we will be getting (more techno-blabo) a 12 port and a 16 port hub to link together the 25 machines described above. There is also the matter of an Ethernet card for each machine, some twisted pair cables (looks similar to phone lines) and some conduit to 'hide' all the wires and.. VOILA! You will be sitting on a real live category 3 local area network (LAN).

    So what? It means that each machine will be able to share files and each of the five HP laser printers. It also means that you will be able to have an INTRANET (inside the building only) easily in the very near future. Given a couple of phone lines you will also be able to get to the INTERNET from any of the 25 machines on the network.

    Yes! I am excited about all the technology that is being brought to Eastern and hope that students, parents and teachers appreciate the time, effort and money that your school board, administrators and technology committee members have put into this project. This is only the beginning.

    Dave 08/25/96

    Wow! I just got back from the school where Nancy, Betsy, Sandy, Matt and I set up three small networks for use this fall. There is a two computer network headed for Riverview. Betsy checked it out (headphones and all and gave us the thumbs up sign). Another two computer network is going to Tuppers Plains. Sandy was going 'gaga' over print artist. Then there is a four computer network headed for Chester. Matt, Nancy and I checked it out and got everything working the way we expected.

    Techno-blabo: Dell Pentium 100

  • CD ROM
  • Windows 95
  • Ethernet LAN (local area network) running over coax on the MS (Microsoft) windows network

    A N D . . .

    Got word that the high school has 25 new machines on order that will be set up before school starts. This coming Tuesday we will discuss the details of how to set them up (standalone, LAN, internet etc.). They will be awesome!

    Dave 8/16/96


    The technology committee last met on July 8, 1996 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the high school. Attending were:

    Nancy Larkins - Chairman of Technology Committee
    Deryl Well - Superintendent of Eastern Local School District 
    Doris Well - Head teacher and First Grade at Tuppers Plains
    Sandy Needs - Kindergarten at Tuppers Plains
    Betsy Jones- Reading at Riverview
    Chad Griffin - community member 
    Dave Weeks - community member
    Steve Frost - community member
    Matt Michaels - coordinator
    Dana Kessinger - County Supervisor for Secondary Education
    Sheryl Roush - Business Education at Eastern
    Lolita Morrow - Art at Eastern

    The technology plan for the school district was discussed and revised. Another draft is being prepared for the next meeting on July 15, 1996 at 6:30 p.m. at the high school. The public is welcome to attend. We anticipate that this will create the final draft to be presented at the school board meeting on the 22nd of July.

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