Eastern Local Levy Committee
"Building a brighter future for our community."

Dear Reader:

Let us describe our situation. We have three elementary schools and one high school building in the Eastern Local District. The buildings are in continual need of repair and are too smal to house the State Mandated Programs.

We have the opportunity of a life time through the State Building Fund. Through this fund, we are eligible for a new K-8 building and repair and up grade of the existing high school at a minimal cost to the district tax payers. The State will provide $7,136,000 and the local tax will provide $1,614,000 for a total expense of $8,750,000. This will mean a 4.4 - 5 mill increase in local tax.

As an interested member of our school community, your support and input is needed in order to put together a plan which will guarantee the passage of the March 19th levy. Please attend the next planning meeting on January 4th at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library.

If you have any questions feel free to call one of the following:

  • Ron Minard, Superintendent at school 985-4292 or home 985-3460
  • Richard Roberts, Elementary Principal at school 985-3304

    Our children thank you!

    Paid for by the Eastern Local Levy Committee

    NOTE: This is the text of a letter recently sent out by the Eastern Local Levy Committee and presented here as a public service to the community.