Dave Weeks

You may contact me via e-mail at

  • 103247.3017@compuserve.com CIS
  • DWeeks@bpd.treas.gov work

  • My private collection of odds and ends that I have bookmarked over time

    Personal Directory of homepages and e-mail addresses

    1. My brother Dennis has a page and an e-mail address
    2. My nephew Samwise also has his own page
    3. My friend Ruomiao Wang from Shanghai, China has a page and e-mail
    4. My friend Vijay Gopal from Madras, India has e-mail
    5. My friend Abhay Sawant from Bombay, India has e-mail
    6. My friend Terry McCauley from Athens, Ohio
    7. My friends Mike and Jwei-Hsing Melnyk from Maine and Taiwan respectively have e-mail.
    8. My colleague Daren Pritchford is from some other planet but has some interesting ideas anyway
    9. My former colleague Ed Sloan works for GE Plastics and is absolutely nuts in a good sort of way

      Interests and hobbies of mine that have home pages

    10. EHS Band Joe is a drummer, Steve plays Clarinet, I am president of the band boosters
    11. Eastern Local School District Joe is in high school at Eastern, Steve is in Junior High, Nick is at Tuppers Plains Elementary, I maintain the ELSD SIG Coordinator
    12. Meigs County Drama Club* Joe and Steve are members, I am trying to form this county wide group. We plan to have a musical in the spring of 1996. Contacts for the area are:
    13. Meigs County Soccer Association Nick plays soccer, I coach and am vice president of the association

    14. Ideas and essays I have written over the years

    15. Efficiency in Nature is a little essay that describes the inherrent inefficiency of mother nature

    You have gotten this far, so here is the real personal stuff

    Married since January 23, 1979 to Jeanie Sue Cochran
    We had our first boy Michael Joseph on January 1, 1980
    We had our second boy Steven Alan on August 21, 1982
    We had our third boy Nicholas Paul on October 9, 1985
    45 years old, August 29, 1950
    6' tall
    180 lbs.
    blue eyes
    brown hair (ok, so it is turning grey)
    good health
    Work as a programmer for the US Treasury, Bureau of Public Debt in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Enjoy travel and meeting people from all cultures. Willing to be just a tad eccentric and try novel ideas just for fun. Write to me above and let me know you were here.