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  • Student Handbook


    To Students and Parents:

    Welcome to Eastern Local Schools. We extend a special welcome to all former students and to all new students enrolling in our school.

    We hope you enjoy the school, and we hope both students and parents will feel free to consult teachers and principal concerning any questions or problems that may arise. In order that you may keep close contact on your child's progress and business of the school, we strongly encourage your child to always bring home with him, school papers and frequent office announcements. Let him be aware of the fact that you are expecting these.

    The booklet is designed to explain our programs and our policies. We are here to provide the best education possible for your child. To do that, we need the cooperation of parents and teachers.

    Statement of Philosophy

    The administration and faculty of the Eastern Local School District believe that the goal of education is the development of the well-being of the individual and welfare of society. This can be accomplished by developing all the desirable abilities of each individual. We believe that our school should qualify pupils for living in the present, prepare them to adjust themselves to a changing society, and prepare them to take leadership in improving their society.

    We attempt to develop in the pupil such understandings, skills, habits, attitudes and appreciations:

    1) that they will live and continue to live in a healthy way both physically and mentally. Pupils should learn the process of maintaining emotional balance. The school should provide opportunities whereby the pupil may have experience in adjusting himself to his environment.

    2) that they will make preparation for a vocation. We attempt to give young people information and direction about how to find, how to prepare for, and how to carry on in appropriate and satisfying occupations.

    3) that they will use their leisure time, now and later, to advantage. We provide activities to encourage the efficient and personally gratifying use of leisure time, in the development of personal habits, traits, in the personal enjoyment of cultural pursuits, and in the development of personality.

    4) that their relationship, now and later, to one another and to their community will tend to the mutual advantage of all. Youth needs friendship, respect and admiration. A means of developing the proper relationship with ideals as guides and inspirations to their lives.

    Admission and Enrollment

    In order to enter kindergarten, a pupil living in the Eastern District shall have attained his/her (5th) birthday, sixth(6th) birthday in order to enter first grade, of the year he/she enters school. The following materials must be presented to the school before a child will be officially admitted to kindergarten.

    1) Birth Certificate

    2) Evidence of Immunization requirements

    3) Social Security Card


    If your child is transferring from another school, please leave written consent with the former school to send the child's records to the Eastern Schools.


    Parents of students transferring from Eastern Schools should report this information to the office. Before records are sent to a new school, all obligations such as returning books, library fines, and fees must be fulfilled.


    Lunch is available to all students. This includes a carton of milk, either white or chocolate. Afternoon milk or juice is available in some grades. We encourage that lunch and milk be paid daily. There is a breakfast program at all elementaries.

    Special lunch forms are available for free or reduced lunches. If you believe your financial status warrants free or reduced lunches, simply complete the form sent home and return it to the school office, sealed in an envelop. All information is confidential. One form is needed for each student.

    Students are served warm well-balanced meals. We feel these are nutritious and contribute greatly to your child's success both academically and physically.

    We encourage your participation!


    Homework is assigned at our school. Assignments are for the purpose of reinforcing those skills taught in the classroom. Parents can be of help by assisting children in learning number facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

    Parents may also assist their children in spelling drill. Please remember, help your children do their homework, don't do it for them. It would be of the greatest help if all parents would express genuine and continuing interest in their child's work in all areas.

    In order to strengthen and reinforce reading, we suggest that parents set aside a quiet reading period each evening. It is essential that parents read to their child as well as having the child read.

    In the upper grades, assignments may require more extensive use of home time, depending upon the child's utilization of school time.


    The compulsory attendance laws established by the State of Ohio will be enforced. Regular school attendance and punctuality are necessary to facilitate the normal conduct of the school. When recommended by a physician, home instruction is available to students who are unable to attend school.

    Absence from school

    In the even of absence, parents are asked to call the school prior to 9:00 a.m. An excused absence will permit the student to obtain and complete or make-up this work missed while absent. An unexcused absence will not permit the student to make-up this work and result in an "F" or failure for the work missed. The final decision as to the acceptability of an excuse will rest with the principal. If the student consults a doctor he must supply a statement to that effect. After ten (10) days of absence each semester a doctor's statement will be required for an excused absence. Excused absences are defines as:

    1) Personal illness

    2) Illness in the family

    3) Quarantine of the house

    4) Deatch of a relative

    5) Observance of religious holidays

    6) Family emergency

    After five (5) days of absence in a semester, a warning notice will be mailed home. Up to ten (10) days of absence per semester may be excused after which parents will be required to submit a doctor's excuse. After fifteen (15) days absent the county attendance officer will be notified. All additional absences will require a doctor's excuse. Extended absence may result in failure without a Doctor's excuse.


    A sick youngster will now have a good day at school, and may spread illness among his classmates. Please keep your child home if he has a contagious disease, or is coughing, or has a fever. A child must be well enough for all school activities.

    The school cannot administer any non-prescription medication. If it is necessary for your child to take prescription medication, you are instructed to contact the school office to determine the proper procedure.

    Special Education Classes

    Students identified as having academic or social problems which interfere with their learning progress in the regular classroom setting may benefit from special classes. Students from each elementary may attend these classes. Placement in this program is dependent on medical and psychological examinations indicating a need for this type of individualized program.


    The school nurse is in each building two (2) days a week, but is available at other times for emergencies. She maintains student health records and advises parents about these records. She is also informed of current epidemics. Questions concerning the health of your child as it relates to school can be directed to the school nurse. Call the school and she will contact you.


    The school office is the central key to every operation of the school. Please direct your questions to the office.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled twice a year. Additional conferences may be arranged at anytime at the request of parent or teacher. Arrangements for conferences should be made a few days in advance of the scheduled conference time. Both parents are strongly encouraged to attend the conferences.

    Room Mothers

    Room mothers are selected for each class. They attend class parties and provide treats at class parties. Room mothers may be called upon to accompany class trips. If you have an interest, please contact the homeroom teacher.

    Special Classes

    The Eastern Local Elementary School share the services of music, band, physical education and library. Children attend these classes according to a set schedule.

    Special Services

    The special services personnel, which are shared by all schools are:

    1) Psychologist

    2) Nurse

    3) Speech Therapist

    Contact the school office for an appointment with any of these people.

    School Insurance

    Insurance may be taken ut for the students. This provides coverage not covered by additional policies.

    Student Pictures

    Individual student pictures are taken once a year. The prices and directions are sent home prior to the photographing. Retakes are available for individual pictures.

    Group pictures are also taken in the spring.


    The administration of transportation is the responsibility of the supervisor, Mr. Rose. Please call him regarding questions concerning bus stops, bus routes, and drivers, at 985-4292.

    Bus drivers have the responsibility of maintaining discipline on the bus. For safety's sake conversation should be kept to a reasonable level. Students are expected to remain seated. Students whose behavior is beyond the control of the driver may be denied permission to ride the bus. In such case the parents are notified by school authorities.

    In matters pertaining to student behavior at bus stops or on the busses, the person to contact is the school administrator. The school must be notified of any changes in the normal bus pick-up/dismissal schedule. There must be a note from home and approval by the school office.

    Inclement Weather

    Should there be a need for Eastern Local Schools to be closed because of bad weather or other emergencies, this will be reported (if possible) to radio stations WXIL, WMPO, and WJEN.

    Classroom Visitation

    Parental classroom visitation is encouraged by the school. The parents must contact the school office to set up a visitation period.


    In case of an emergency at school, parents are advised as soon as possible. Parents should be certain to keep all emergency information up-to-date on emergency forms filed at school. If an emergency arises at home that requires the child's removal from school, parents must make sure the school is notified.

    Grade Cards

    Progress reports (grade cards) are issued four (4) times a year. The reports are to be signed by the parent or legal guardian and returned to the school. First grade students will receive individual written progress reports the middle of the first grading period.


    The school has a central library. Students are given the opportunity to visit the library at scheduled times to select books. Students are totally responsible for returning books in satisfactory condition. Students are assessed a fine for lost or damaged books belonging to the school If students forget library books at home on library day, the must return the books to the library before selecting additional books. At no time should students select more than two (2) books at a time from the library.

    Workbook Fees

    Workbook fees are isued to students. It is imperative that these fees be paid in a timely matter so that the district may meet its obligations. Payments may be arranged with the school office.


    All elementaries are represented by a Parent-Teacher Organization. It is a self-governing body. All parents are encouraged to attend the meetings. Notices are sent home prior to each meeting to remind the parents of the meeting.

    This organization provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to get to know each other. Monthly meetings include discussion of important school functions of interest to all.

    The Parent-Teacher Organization engages itself in many fund-raising projects. It provides invaluable assistance, providing our school with educational materials and equipment.

    Be an active part of it!

    School Rules

    A list of school rules is issued to each student. These are compiled for the protection of your child and for the purpose of striving to conduct a well disciplined organized school. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    Each elementary building has a detention procedure. Detentions may be given for misbehavior at school or on busses, and incomplete assignments. Detentions, in school, and out of school suspension may be given for disruption of school; destruction of school or private property; fighting, assault, and or threats of attack; possession of dangerous weapons; possession and or use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products; profanity or obscenity; truancy or excessive tardiness; insurbordination; theft and/or extortion; trespassing or loitering; forgery; breaking and entering; or other unsatisfactory behavior.

    A detention slip will be sent home when a detention is given for parent or guardian's signature. The slip should be returned to the teacher/theachers the next school day. A parent's conference to discuss the students situation will be called after a student receives 3 detentions. When a student receives 6 detentions within a grading period an in-school or out-of-school suspension may be scheduled. Parents are the key individuals in seeing that students perform well at school.

    Each school seeks to reward students who have maintained good discipline during a grading period.

    "Discipline is the key to a good education."
    Discipline must precede learning

    Your Children Are Our Concern

    1. Students will not play in front or at ends of building. When entering from all entrances, please walk up the concrete sidewalk. This saves the good growth of grass around doors.

    2. Students may use playground equipment as per school rules.

    3. There will be no congregating of students in hallways and bathrooms.

    4. The stage is for music purpose only. Permission to use the stage must be granted from the school administrator.

    5. Students should be out of the building playing during play periods in good weather.

    6. Chewing gum, radios, cassette recorders, metal taps, non-educational comic books, movie magazines, knives, guns (of any type), electronic games, and skateboards are not permitted at school.

    7. Playground Equipment:

    a.) No standing up on equipment

    b.) Stay away from middle of merry-go-round

    c.) Only one student in a swing at a time.

    8. Students should not interrupt visitors, teachers or phone conversations unless the reason for such is important. Please wait your turn.

    9. Students should for the habit of paying for lunch and milk using the correct change, if possible. Correct change saves time for teachers.

    10. Wrestling, tackle football, hard balls, dodge balls, ice-skating and snowballing are not permitted on the playground.

    11. Students will not run in the halls or on the steps.

    12. Students will march out of building in single file. Keep center of hall clear.

    13. Classes are in session at different times of the day. Disturbances in the halls cannot be tolerated.

    14. Food is not to be passed around in lunchroom.

    15. Students are not to trade or buy personal articles from each other while in school.

    16. All students are to be called their correct name. Thoughtless name calling only calls for problems and hurt feelings.

    17. Parents picking up their child before dismissal, must sign in and inform the school administrator.