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  • Meigs County Soccer Association

    Results of youth soccer survey

    Total surveys returned: 28

    The survey results and comments are as follows:

    Q. How did your child feel about playing in the soccer league?

    1. Thought it was great: 25
    2. Thought it was just allright: 1
    3. Hated it: 0

    Do you as a parent feel it was a positive experience for your child: Yes: 28 No: 0

    Will your child return to soccer with us next year? Yes 27 No: 1 (not eligible due to age)

    Are you interested in the spring soccer clinic with Rio Grande? Yes: 13 No 3

    The following are responses to what parents & kids liked best about the soccer league:

    Like the least about the league:

    Suggestions for improvements:

    Fall season is over.

    Remember the banquet on November 17, 1995 6:15 p.m. at Meigs High School. Bring a covered dish. UPDATE:: The banquet was great. We estimate over 200 people attended. Trophies were given to all soccer participants this year. The treasurer reported that we had a balance of forty six ($46) dollars and that ALL bills were paid. Several more dollars were made during the auction of left over concession candy, pop etc.

    Are there any older kids (ages 12 - 16) wanting to play this coming spring? Also looking for coaches from Meigs, Southern and Eastern school districts to coach next fall. Contact Randy Wachter or Dave Weeks if interested.

    Hereis a good link for soccer information from all over the world.

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