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  • After school

    Alumni listings. Let us know where you are and how you can be reached and we will put you in our directory by year of graduation and in last name alphabetical order. (by Sheryl Roush in progress)

    Career options. If you want information about further education you might start with the College Net or if you want to search for a job give Best on the Net: Career Sites a try.

    College Prep is an excellent resource maintained by David Riggins.

    Fun and interesting topics. Here is a paper written back in 1993 by Robert Zubrin titled The Significance of the Martian Frontier (~35k) which will offer an unusual perspective to you.

    Ok, so now you are ready for higher education. Let's see how you do at Internet University This site is using some of the latest technology (I.E. Netscape 2.0, Frames and Java) and it is fun.

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