Available Site 80 Acres
Poston Park
The Plains

Maximum Available: 80 acres
Asking Price: NEGOTIABLE
Industrial Park: In the progress of being developed               
     Zoning:  No
Location: The Plains      

Electric Supplier:       Columbus Southern Power 
Gas Supplier:       Columbia Gas of Ohio      
Water Supplier:     To be installed    
Sanitary Sewer:     To be installed

Telecommunication:       GTE North
Interstate:         I-70 Distance: 50 miles 
Highway:       Rt. 33         Distance: 5 miles
Rail:     No
Commercial Airport:      Port Columbus  Distance: 70 miles 
Local Airport:      Albany    Distance: 10 miles
                     (Ohio University)  
Water Port:    Marietta  Distance: 50 miles  

Local Property Taxes
Real: $1000 @ 35%        Personal: $1000 @ 25%
District: Athens City Schools      Abatement Possible: Yes        

     Being developed in a proposed "park setting." 
Infrastructure to be completed in 1 1/2 years. Two tenants
previously on site.