Available Site:  15 Acres
The Plains
Owner - Gamertsfelder Family

Site Features
Electric Supplier:       Location: 12-470 Volts (3 Phase)
Columbus Southern Power
Gas Supplier:       Main Size: 3 inch line
Columbia Gas of Ohio          Pressure:  Medium
Water Supplier:          Main Size: 6 inch
The Plains          Pressure:  PSI 90, 1440 GPM Flow

Sanitary Sewer:          Main Size: 8 inch
The Plains

Storm Sewer:   

GTE North

Interstate:    70        Distance: 50 miles
Highway:  St. Rt. 33     Distance: 1/2 miles
Rail:     Possible Spur
Commercial Airport: Port Columbus  Distance: 50 miles
Local Airport: Albany    Distance: 10 miles
                       (Ohio University)
Water Port:    N/A

Local Property Taxes
Abatement Possible:  Yes

     Good flat land.  Has an indian mound on the property.  Good
access to State Rt. 33 via johnson Rd.