Links to Other Resources

This document contains links to resources that are available on the Internet that might be of interest to teachers of mathematics. It is certainly not exhaustive, and will be expanded as the coordinator is made aware of other links of interest (send to

One such resource is the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. You can access this through its Gopher, or you can go to their Digital Curriculum Lab .

An excellent resource for Geometry at all levels is the Geometry Forum. An interesting place to visit at the Forum is Steve's Dump, which has lots of links to other interesting places.

There are also newsgroups (like chit-chat) that serve the mathematics community, such as K12.ed.math and sci.math.

There are the Professional organizations, such as the MAA.

For those who like to use information from other sources to create problems or for student investigations, The Government provides many resources on-line, such as the Library of Congress gopher, the Census Bureau, the CIA World Factbook, and NASA.

Mathmagic provides an opportunity for a group of four students (a school may have many such groups) to work over the Internet with students from other schools around the world to cooperatively solve problems (there is a small participation fee per group).

And, finally, there are places to go to look for other links, like Lessons and Appetizers for Math and Reason, as well as Steve's Dump mentioned above.

Other links will be added as we find them.