I.  First Work Group
    A. RPDC as umbrella
       -->  Groups? work under this as needed
III. Second Work Group
    A. Use three existing consortia areas
    B. Funds to local (SchoolNet) resource coordinator
    C. Use of existing distance learning facilities
    D. Identify and bring tech folks together to tour agencies and services
    E. Movable lab 
    F. Need for one full-time staff person to coordinate
    G. Rep from each school district goes to 3 regionals
          1.Lists needs
          2. Providers offer what they have
IV. Third Work Group
    A. RPDC as umbrella
    B. Committees
          1. Organize and start ball  rolling
          2. Rep from each player in pro-d
          3. A-sites
          4. Reps from districts and types of needs areas
    C. Individual Advisories 
        1.Organized by district or sub-region 
        2.Reps from all groups to A. (above)
    D. Different organizations are contracted to meet the needs 
	on a one-by-one   
        district level
    E. Structure of organization
        1. Do not reinvent districts/regions
        2. Collaboration is the idea
        3. Start with RPDC 
            a. Contract organizations (A-SITES, ETSEO, etc.)
            b.Make use of volunteers
        4. Physical location TBA
            a.Muskingum Co. offers support location
            b.Training centers distributed