Technology in the form of computers is another tool available to the classroom teacher.  At Morrison, we are attempting to expand our learning resources through the acquisition and installation of 100 computers in our classrooms in January, 2001, another 14 in August, 2002, and 15 additional computers in August, 2003. More are slated to arrive at our school in the summer of 2004. This technology is networked to the Internet and to other schools in the district.
    Utilization of computers as part of the instructional process enables students to participate in active learning and helps facilitate their understanding of deeper concepts. Children are provided with a tool to aid in the collection, analyzation, and display of data over a period of time.  They also can use this tool when appropriate to send e-mail to authors and scientists in our country or abroad regarding topics being studied.
    Keeping computers working properly when needed by teachers is a challenge that we face almost daily.  If the technology is to be truly effective, it must work when called upon.  Another challenge we face is providing the time and training for staff members to truly develop their skills so that lessons incorporate technology.
    We encourage your support of our teachers and administrators as they work to expand their knowledge in the area of technology so as to better enhance the education of your sons and daughters.

Last updated on June 16, 2004